When you’re falling
And the wind surges past
Like tsunami waves

You’re a stone thrown
Into a lake
Feeling what it’s like

To sink down and study
Fluid dynamics
While your impact ripples

Hear the cloudsingers
Hiss and chorus
As you descend

Past the point that
Light can reach and
There is no horizon

You’re falling fast
Through an abyss
Of air, you twist

And tumble, but
Still aware of your
Form’s gravity

Air like a fluid
Sonic boom
While you’re moving

Yet it’s so peaceful
While your stony self
Sinks and studies

Each passing particle
As if they were
The last on Earth

With time to tell
Every breeze
You appreciate it

These forces
Otherworldly in
Their silence

Sinking into air
Through fluid

No feet on the ground
The way you’re feeling right now

Chill Corner

By the third staircase
Hidden behind hallways
There’s a couple of seats
And massive windows

So that when you sit
You can sun or sip
Your coffea
While you study

It’s a place for those
Who seek respite and need
Chemicals of all kinds
To feel calm

High energy calamity
Keeping focus and
Letting float thoughts
Of confident peace


The way the air was stained
With sooty carbon
And how warm your cheek
Was pressed against mine

As we talked, on a bench
Reminescing at midnight

The way the lamps danced
As reflections in the lake
And how every person passed
Thought we were out on a date

Something about
How cold it was

As the hands of winter
Reached out with skinny,
Slender fingers to choke
The last life from summer

Clear so the sun would shine
But the air would move
And pierce so fine as
Icicles mounted like bayonets

And every assault that crossed
My palm and into yours
Gave me goosebumps the burst
Of ice would sustain

As I contemplated
This refrain

This domain of pain
Where guard is up
And I’m willfully here
At the foyer of a palace

Where uncertainy reigns
And it rains only at night
Because the ruler of frost
Only rules at day

The way

Those mornings and evenings
In deathly meadows
And rising heat
From the ground our feet

Tread upon

Are all stuck with me, crisp
As the dew that crystalized
Over tall grass and
Dead leaf litter

The way lips felt
Kissing your cheek
And how warm it felt
When I was uncertain

Netflix and Chill

Plasma screen
Wireless fiber

Carried away
Nuzzling through blankets
Dynamic static on Netflix
Rain echoes on the
Bedroom window

Doesn’t really matter
What we’ve put on TV
It was turned on
To ignore

It’s a way for a good night
To come to a quiet end

Winter’s howl makes
Warm bodies snuggle close
After clear cold suns set
Over tomorrow horizons

These nights only ended
When we all lost the
Other half
Of our innocence

Bane of the Valley

Walking in the rain
Just like everybody else
Titans of our own
Under still the taller shadows

Passing by in leather boots
Wax seals keep the water out
Same as stamps on envelopes
Inviting us to Anthem house

Certain minds but still happy
We splash in puddles on our way

Satan: An Autobiography

Satan is a senior in high school
And he likes wearing blazers
That “compliment”
Knee-high platform boots

Thinks that the Sex Pistols
Made the realest music
And that anyone who listens
To rap is stupid

Satan’s dating a lesbian
Who’s keeping the relationship
Secret from all of
Her other friends

He knows a lot of people
Always makes a person laugh
But never was the type
To be invited out

You can find him in Olympia
Where he stalks the night
And eats in at unknown
Cafes downtown

He dwells in your heart
Always tempting to let
Nostalgia tear apart
What’s been built up

Satan wears ladies’ boots
And struts with pride
Though with his long hair
He gets hit on by guys

He drives while listening
To punk rock, and everyone
Know his horns are in
His confident aggression

Unfriendly and cryptic
So that he’d tempt more
Of those who were curious
To investigate his influence

Yet everyone talked
Behind his back
Satan was popular
But sometimes unliked

Brash and loud
First to speak in a room
When no one asked
To be spoken to

Satan is 17
And the ruler of hell,
A domain rather nice,
He would say

Thinks he’s the best
He can be
Sneaking to the city
And doing “evil” deeds

Never would ever be
Arrested for so much
As trespassing, and
Of that, he’s paranoid

Satan rings out by
A single voice
Of his lover, using
One of many

Seemingly never as
Interesting as the things
He causes and is
Involved with

And his tiny kingdom
Of 3 square miles
Would be rocked to know
There are thousands out there

This was Satan
And his life
The best it would ever be
And shallow as hell


70 miles an hour
With no patience
For anticipation

My jeans were undone
And your hands were
Pushed past the

70 miles an hour
And I’m getting
Light headed
For the best reason

And I feel your
Painted nails
On me

Mountain highways
A first for me
As your jeans are
Now undone, too

I get to feel you
And you get to feel me
Though it’s not ideal
It’s oh so exciting

As I keep my eyes
On the GPS
The brakes
And your body

Every corner of my
Eye filled with detail
So much that I am
Close to passing out

You wanted a climax
While we drove
In one of the only
Private spots we have

Heavy breathing
Nearly losing focus
On everything
I’m doing

Every touch
Of your hand I feel
And every stroke
And every motion

And every time I need
To pay attention
When my eyes jerk
Back to the road

And the music
And where to turn
Maybe we can find a
Lover’s lane?

No, these highways
Will carry us there
Like my hands
Carry you to the end

Of tunnel vision
Of snapping back awake
Of seeing again
Clearly but sensations

Continue to rise
So much tension
Of being in public
Of tasting you

On my fingers when
I withdraw for a moment
Of making sure we
Don’t go the wrong way

Shifting gears
And letting my fingers
Slide down your pants
Again while you

Unzip mine further

Of love and lust
Of our hands
And driving down
Mountain highways

Of finishing soon
Before you get home
And making sure that
The drive left you



I can’t quite get enough of you
And I love it
Never angsty like addiction
No, this is a craving for your friction

Unsure and risky
Like your first time on skates

Don’t know what might happen next
Any expectations I had are wrecked
I can’t get enough of you
And I love it

And I love it

When you’re riding shotgun
Like twelve-gauge fire shells
And I’m driving us
To who knows where, well

I know when I get there
I’ll be able to be with you
Be able to hold your hand
And I love it

Late at night through winding roads
Every day a new venture
Nevermind the weather
Since it turns out we both like rain

It’s okay, whether it be some tea
Or a coffee place
Shady backstreet barrios
Or downtown in a big city

I know I’ll be there with you
And I love it

I like the way you taste
When I can kiss you on our way
To the next place
Any place, I’ll see your face

And any little thing I could think
Is wrong
Is fixed just by looking at
You and your grace

That’s why you’re the
Wallpaper on my phone
And your photo’s
In my wallet

Any lesion that summer seasons
Leave me, leave me when you
See me and everything
Fades from red to a warm blue

And I love it

And I love it
When you dash my expectations
And we laugh
Over the same crude thought

You and me
Risk and reward
Loving, being,
Kissing and my missing you

Not conventional
By any means
But it’s the only thing
I want, I need

And I love it