I can’t quite get enough of you
And I love it
Never angsty like addiction
No, this is a craving for your friction

Unsure and risky
Like your first time on skates

Don’t know what might happen next
Any expectations I had are wrecked
I can’t get enough of you
And I love it

And I love it

When you’re riding shotgun
Like twelve-gauge fire shells
And I’m driving us
To who knows where, well

I know when I get there
I’ll be able to be with you
Be able to hold your hand
And I love it

Late at night through winding roads
Every day a new venture
Nevermind the weather
Since it turns out we both like rain

It’s okay, whether it be some tea
Or a coffee place
Shady backstreet barrios
Or downtown in a big city

I know I’ll be there with you
And I love it

I like the way you taste
When I can kiss you on our way
To the next place
Any place, I’ll see your face

And any little thing I could think
Is wrong
Is fixed just by looking at
You and your grace

That’s why you’re the
Wallpaper on my phone
And your photo’s
In my wallet

Any lesion that summer seasons
Leave me, leave me when you
See me and everything
Fades from red to a warm blue

And I love it

And I love it
When you dash my expectations
And we laugh
Over the same crude thought

You and me
Risk and reward
Loving, being,
Kissing and my missing you

Not conventional
By any means
But it’s the only thing
I want, I need

And I love it

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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