Night Shades

Night Shades A mask to watch Teeming crowds and protect oneself From searchlights Long and bright A jacket tight To blend in Wit the others In plain sight Yet cloaked in cover Pockets of wonder A wallet And some keys That have seen Gritty things Shoes crusted With mud hidden by A supernatural stride InContinue reading “Night Shades”

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Vernal Equinox

Vernal Equinox Cold water From a tap Sharp breaths These are the things We miss to fluoresce In figure eights In meadows The fields Feeling the wind Sharp turns In a trail Cold breaths These are the things We all possess Barefoot On hot blacktop Walking with meaning And intention Cold shade Over a trailContinue reading “Vernal Equinox”

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Tincture Recall

Tincture Recall Red are garden roses Danger, life, Rejected questions Posed Darker as crystalline rubies Lighter as heat is rife Paler as dawn is moody Blue is the sky Water, winter Sad tears Cried Darker as the night time Lighter as ribbons glitter Paler as a tarnished dime Yellow is that sun Daisy, lightning QuiltContinue reading “Tincture Recall”

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