Bane of the Valley

Walking in the rain
Just like everybody else
Titans of our own
Under still the taller shadows

Passing by in leather boots
Wax seals keep the water out
Same as stamps on envelopes
Inviting us to Anthem house

Certain minds but still happy
We splash in puddles on our way

L’appel du Vide

L’appel du Vide

This is one of the tallest peaks in the entire valley. It’s called dive rock.
Fog people have spoken of it for eras and eons before, and it is rare.
This summit is known as legend, but it exists everywhere at once.
It has this so gravitating name, that begs those so enraptured
To see what lies so over the side of those deepest abysses.
To understand and give into the temptation for knowledge.
To meet the view with full acceptance for curiosity.
Maybe all the legends tell true of a grand beyond.
Maybe all civilization is completely ignorant.
Maybe the native’s warnings did ring true.
Something about jumping into that vista
Seems so very heavenly at the moment.
Seeing the forested valley as if it
Was nothing in the palm of a hand
Up above it all, like something
All powerful and all knowing.
Looking on at an odd place.
I can see the cliff rocks
At a deep bottom, under
A light fog from my
Highest peak view.
Above any edge,
Come and live
And see me.
The Call
of the

Claws of Amethyst

Claws of Amethyst

Train screech stops
On subway tracks
Recursive lines
Drawn and defined

Placid passing
Halted on railing
Charcoal ties
In mouths like sighs

Station stopped
Third rail melts
Amethyst shines
From four bright lines

Claw marks
In a back
Show off
Lucid tearing

A thin foundation
With scaffolding
Ascending around

Rate of recoil
Bleach bubbles
Special snowflake
Pieced puzzles

Small windows
And bone girders
Standing a shape
Of massive ardour

Color comes back to
An aspect of glass
Flushed now after
High land stance

A manufactured
A tallest summit
With high snowcap

Brisk glaze of equinox
Coming of age
These solar shots
That medicate

Harsh comfort
Windswept slopes
Fierce pink aurora
Reflecting an abyss

Of rocks and frosted
Dead trees
Terraced sheer down
Dry arc eye cliffs

Seeking to ensnare
Any creature
Who would dare
To come near

Sightly in its
In sundown
Or sun coming

Tall, awe-inspiring
And far in the distance
Synchronized stripes
Of least resistance

Point to a land above
As nine thousand steps
Lead wandering creatures
To the kind alpine reaper

Waiting in the higher planes
Overseen by the overseer
Traps and pitfalls lay
In a mountain notch valley

Amethyst stripes
Clawed into its scaffolds
Ripped red and passionate
Where traps were unravelled

Organically Spiritual Moon Rocks

organically spiritual moon rocks

Organically Spiritual Moon Rocks

There were three rocks in a field
Where the flowers around them grew
An endless wonder waiting weld
Where it all came from, no one knew

Three ghosts once went to the moon
From Luna they each took a gift
A souvinier to take home soon
A piece of something not to miss

When they arrived on the Earth
They created a magic place
Where nothing was ever birthed
Save for plants who grew unerased

Nightshade and dandelions
Never friends, or companion
Shook hands and settled on
Found in them to show compassion

The rocks were placed by each other
Gifts from Luna come to rest
A triangle in a field, not another
Moon rocks in this place, the best

That was years ago
Too many moons passed away
A place that no one would know
A place full of good and light’s day