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  • Light Me On Fire (6/23/2017)

    Light me on fire
    See what might transpire
    As the paper’s edge blackens
    And the ink stains ash

    Light me on fire
    And use my remains
    As a grey powdery pigment
    In your paint

    Light me on fire
    And watch the orange beetles
    Run with the heat
    Around the gashes

    Light me on fire
    I make light as you linger
    Taking your energy
    And scorching your fingers

    Light me on fire
    So that I may be cleansed
    Baptism by blaze
    I won’t question your ways

    Light me on fire
    And see what happens
    As I crumble and decay
    And with heat wash away

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  • Tension


    Knotted me up
    With your lip balm
    And the creases in
    Fitted leggings

    Evanescent little moans
    Through your kisses
    For me to listen

    To the
    Wonderous sights
    Eyes wide open

    To see you flush red
    As you run your hands
    Up my chest
    And across my neck

    Playing with each other’s hair
    Hearing sighs in my ear
    While I feel places
    No one else would dare

    How can one being
    Be so opalescent
    And taste
    So perfect

    How can a set
    Of serious lips
    Be condensed and melted
    To this state of satisfaction

    These cheeks at once
    By a machine gun of love
    Peppering all around a face

    Dripping with intention
    Yet to be seen
    We can stop at this border
    But not next time maybe