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Ghillie and Thumper: Open Mic


Recorded on November 17th, 2017 (I think).


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It (2017) – Criticism/Review - We’ve talked about horror before at Radio Reality City, but never before have we done a full on review! So…

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  • Ballad of Extinguishment

    Ballad of Extinguishment

    I’m from yesterday
    You’re from tomorrow
    Yet we speak as if though
    Words were spilling over onto tables

    When time constructs
    And converges

    Where space is the place and
    We sail on the face
    Of the universes

    None shall be safe
    From the hunt
    Or the chase

    Of communication
    And concentrations
    Seen in this strange place

    All too often
    We look behind us
    In hindsight and sadness

    To look into the eyes of fate
    We tempt it
    To damn us

    But who would know
    And who would care
    About flakes of reality behind us?

    Who stops to dwell
    Or at time, yell?
    It’s pointless, and we all know it

    Yet we throw our smoke
    And construct
    Our mirrors

    Sit on pews facing backward
    Chronicling butterflies
    Like they were factual

    Then we look up, one day
    Full of moxie
    In some way

    The smoke fades
    The mirrors break

    We’re left in shards
    And it still looks the same