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  • Light Me On Fire (6/23/2017)

    Light me on fire
    See what might transpire
    As the paper’s edge blackens
    And the ink stains ash

    Light me on fire
    And use my remains
    As a grey powdery pigment
    In your paint

    Light me on fire
    And watch the orange beetles
    Run with the heat
    Around the gashes

    Light me on fire
    I make light as you linger
    Taking your energy
    And scorching your fingers

    Light me on fire
    So that I may be cleansed
    Baptism by blaze
    I won’t question your ways

    Light me on fire
    And see what happens
    As I crumble and decay
    And with heat wash away

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  • Summit


    I climb
    The wind whips snow across the mountainside
    It’s cold
    With skin crystallizing as I ascend

    With no rope to hold or life assurance
    I find crags to place my frozen hands
    In mind’s eye, and at all times
    I hope to my afterlives you’re at the summit

    Down below
    Are creatures who watch
    They climb, too
    But they always fail

    They do backflips
    Off the spire
    Among children whom
    Others admire

    Mobbing locations and
    Leeching their essence
    All for amusement
    To gain no benefit

    I see a circle of light
    As I turn to look at the horizon
    Ending before the mountain base
    While I’m halfway up its side

    I find more holds, climb in rhythm
    Ignoring the wanderers below
    Watching them wait and gather
    At the edge of shadow’s cast