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This used to be a space that housed a couple of things related to the DJI Phantom series of drones as well as some footage of flying some DIY builds but I’ve removed those temporarily until I can get some more substantial content to post here. Leaving the page up because I like it a whole bunch and I’ll be adding items to this page as spring and summer roll around.

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Poetry, stories, critiques, and other text projects.


Year One and Before

for poems from August 2015 and before. A bulk of my angstier, developing content. It’s a nice little time trip. But I’m heavily embarrassed by it all.


Year Two

for things written from September 2015 to August of 2016. Things were rose-tinted, then.


Year Three

for things coming out of September 2016 to July 2017. Interpersonality, psychopaths, and reconnections.


Year Four

for poetry that started in August of 2017 and will end in July 2018. This is where things get altered.


Year Five

for August 2018 to July 2019. Reality City comes alive.



Deneb Mythos

Short Stories

Critiques and Reviews



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I’m Jake Thomas Shaw, The Host of Radio Reality City.

If you’re in the Tacoma and Olympia areas, you might catch me at poetry slam events! I have been a featured poet on behalf of the Creative Colloquy, and published in various ways across Tacoma and Puyallup.

Aside from written content, I also do digital arts; namely photography. Currently shooting with a Sony Alpha 6300. My offhand equipment includes the Helios 40-2 and 44-2 as my primary lenses, along with a Fotodiox Pronto autofocus adapter for a lot of my artistic photography.

My A6300 has been converted by Kolari Vision to shoot in full spectru, which includes ultraviolet light and near infrared wavelengths as well as visible light.

Certified in Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus digital imaging, but specializing in Canon and Sony products of my own volition.

As far as imagery goes, I also have a hand in graphic design and other digital arts. My tablet allows me to draw things in the Gnu Image Manipulation Program.

I am the pilot of the Reality City Monarch, a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone; and the Ronin, a custom Tiny Whoop fpv racing drone. Currently pursuing my sUAS certification to fly commercially.


I am currently allowed to use music by the artists Kauf (, Tape (, and Tycho (, so long as the use of them isn’t monetized and the artists are given proper credits where they appear in my productions. I genuinely enjoy the music, and I highly recommend you check them all out!

Aside from all of that, all of the assets on here are original works by yours truly. I will allow fair use usage of my work, provided you get permission first by emailing me at the address listed below.





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I’m based out of the South Puget Sound in Puyallup, Washington, but willing to operate anywhere in Western Washington and beyond if logistics support such a thing.

If you have an inquiry for a commission, or just have any general questions, go ahead and fill out this form below. Include your name, email, and some specifics about what you might want me to do or what questions you have.

I commonly supply a contract upon agreement of a professional engagement.