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    Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/29; 1/200; ISO-400; 33mm.

    Too spooky for me.


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  • Dreadnought


    We looked to the skies for myths of old
    When countries were at war and miraculous inventions made
    Flying ships peppered the sky with flags and cannons
    Above our country, the Dreadnought guarded

    A crew of three hundred and captain of royalty
    Blazened with silver and gold, wood set with steel
    The machine watched our skies, fearsome and fierce
    Aloft by balloon and stocked by barrel of gun

    One day a battle was brought to our home
    Our precious vessel in the enemy’s sights
    They flew with fury, and evaded with skill
    But our Dreadnought was equipped with the purpose to kill

    We fired with hell and glassed with ease
    Making the enemies look caught in a breeze
    Blimps exploded, and wood evaporated
    The enemy ships were smited and fell into our city

    The Dreadnought turned from the won fight
    Cascaded death from where the threat once was
    From one-thousand feet fell iron and board
    Splintering hail floating down to city streets