• Cognitohazards

    There’s something inside of you
    Like your skeleton
    That lives and breathes
    And manifests in your movements

    It’s a force supernatural
    An overwhelming power
    A strength
    And a disastrious chemical

    It takes over your head
    And then gets into your body
    Until you’re a device
    For a parasite of sorts

    Ever heard of adrenaline?
    Ever heard of a will?
    They pale in comparison
    To when you become invulnerable

    When you’re in such sync
    With the things inside of you
    That lines blur between you
    And the world

    You become so powerful
    As to become overwhelming
    You are a dreadnought
    A juggernaut

    Terrifying all at once
    And gone in an instant
    Like you’re from
    Some fourth dimension

    A cognitohazard
    To everyone who can’t
    What you’ve become


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  • Aftermath

    Brushing my teeth
    In the shower

    Tasting the cigarette smoke
    That we shared in our mouths

    Knowing your scent is
    Slipping away with soap

    Getting coffee to come off
    Yesterday’s bender

    Induced by you
    In a city far off
    Of hills and trees
    That excel at obscuring

    It could have all been
    Just another dream