Photography, Drones, and Poetry

by Jake Thomas Shaw



Featuring the Moth, a Tiny Whoop Beta65s frame, and the Monarch, a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.


Poetry, stories, critiques, and other text projects.


  • De3thwish

    Fields of wheat weave silent
    Sitting rooted something thin

    Wind threading in and out
    Nothing stirs above but when

    The war ends

    Sits a lone gunslinger
    Shell shocked pain reaver

    Jacket yellow as the crops
    Copper soil but the plots

    Where bodies bled out
    And brown uniforms turned

    To mulch

    Overworked by the ruin
    Wrought by the struggle

    Wheat whips in wind
    Around the gun wielder

    Had a deathwish that
    Ended when he didn’t

    Knew nothing but shooting
    Now staring at irony

    This was the last fight
    He needed to fight

    Watching the sun set
    Over the meadows
    Staring at cliché

    Alone with the moment that
    Came after guns stopped


    After all
    The guns
    Stopped clapping




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I’m Jake Thomas Shaw, The Host of Radio Reality City. I write poetry, stories, journalistic content, and a bunch of other stuff. Never enough to write about!

Aside from written content, I also do digital arts; namely photography. Currently shooting with a Sony Alpha 6300. Certified in Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus digital imaging, but specializing in Canon and Sony products of my own volition.

My A6300 is outfitted with a Smallrig cage and a Peak Design camera clip set.

You’ll see me shoot with my standard kit lens a lot (18-135mm, f/3.5-5.6, OSS), but I’ve also got the Helios 44-2 and Helios 40-2 (both primes), and a Samyang 100-500mm f/5.6 super telephoto.

As far as imagery goes, I also have a hand in graphic design and other digital arts. Currently using GIMP, formerly using Google’s now-unsupported program Picasa 3. It’s a shame that program went away.

I am the pilot of the Reality City Monarch, a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone, and the Reality City Moth, a Tiny Whoop Beta 65s. Currently pursuing my sUAS certification to fly commercially.

If you’re in the Tacoma and Olympia areas, you might catch me at poetry slam events! Or just walking around the streets with camera in hand, and among friends.


I am currently allowed to use music by the artists Kauf (, Tape (, and Tycho (, so long as the use of them isn’t monetized and the artists are given proper credits where they appear in my productions. I genuinely enjoy the music, and I highly recommend you check them all out!

Aside from all of that, all of the assets on here are original works by yours truly. I will allow fair use usage of my work, provided you get permission first by emailing me at the address listed below.

Inquiries and Rates

If you’re looking for a photographer in the south Puget Sound, I’m your man, willing to drive as far as Ellensberg or Bellingham for a shoot. If you like what you’ve seen of my work and think you want to get some photos done, please email me at:

I do a 1-hour photo shoot for $50, and will likely shoot somewhere in the area of 300 photos. A percentage of those worthy get edited and sent along to you for whatever purposes you’d like. They’re yours. For example, a typical 1-hour with one model will result in 15 high-quality photographs. Just an example. There is no fixed percentage, and depending on the content there will be a higher number or lower number of finalized and edited sets.

A typical family shoot will be $75 for a 2-hour session. The same statistics above apply to family shoots as well. Normally there will be fewer finalized shots, but again, it depends on the content and behind-the-scenes stuff. A ‘typical’ family shoot is something I would describe as an outdoor or venue-oriented shoot.

My rate for a full-day shoot, no matter the content, is $500. That will get you at least 500 photos, but this can easily trickle into 2,000 photos depending on the event. Further specifications on your part are also more than allowed, and please include that in your email. The longer or more complex the shoot, the more I will charge, which includes editing.

And hey, if you have something else in mind, go ahead and get in touch with me! I’m sure we could come up with an idea of what to expect for rates, time, and everything in between!

(Coming soon, drone-pilot-for-hire!)

If you’d also just like to get in touch with me for any other reason, use this form below!