Where Am I?

What do you see?

Radio Reality City seeks to reveal the things we can’t normally perceive through sound and visual design. I believe that there is value behind making philosophy and art out of things beyond the things we find as tangible.

Hence, infrared light, and the dabbling of sound design you may find here. I want to interpret a different plane of perception through a lens that anyone can observe and appreciate.

The goal is to get people who engage with this art to pull things out of Radio Reality City, using this new perception in their everyday lives. A moment to stop and think, perhaps an adrenaline rush coupled with deja vu when something doesn’t feel like it’s telling you the truth.

Most often than not, the ideas of Radio Reality City deal with a subversion of expectations. Indeed, you may be here because you saw something similar to the image at the top of this page somewhere in the world.

I am constantly developing this idea of Radio Reality City into different media, and infusing it with an air of unease in different ways to get those curious to come and take a look.

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