70 miles an hour
With no patience
For anticipation

My jeans were undone
And your hands were
Pushed past the

70 miles an hour
And I’m getting
Light headed
For the best reason

And I feel your
Painted nails
On me

Mountain highways
A first for me
As your jeans are
Now undone, too

I get to feel you
And you get to feel me
Though it’s not ideal
It’s oh so exciting

As I keep my eyes
On the GPS
The brakes
And your body

Every corner of my
Eye filled with detail
So much that I am
Close to passing out

You wanted a climax
While we drove
In one of the only
Private spots we have

Heavy breathing
Nearly losing focus
On everything
I’m doing

Every touch
Of your hand I feel
And every stroke
And every motion

And every time I need
To pay attention
When my eyes jerk
Back to the road

And the music
And where to turn
Maybe we can find a
Lover’s lane?

No, these highways
Will carry us there
Like my hands
Carry you to the end

Of tunnel vision
Of snapping back awake
Of seeing again
Clearly but sensations

Continue to rise
So much tension
Of being in public
Of tasting you

On my fingers when
I withdraw for a moment
Of making sure we
Don’t go the wrong way

Shifting gears
And letting my fingers
Slide down your pants
Again while you

Unzip mine further

Of love and lust
Of our hands
And driving down
Mountain highways

Of finishing soon
Before you get home
And making sure that
The drive left you


Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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