Andromeda Over Pierce

andromeda over pierce 2

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andromeda over pierce 2

Photo taken at Pierce College. Manipulated in GIMP. 7 layer stack with Andromeda galaxy replacing original sky, and two sets of cloud renders overlaying.

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Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/160; ISO-400; 95mm. 11/23/2017 5:26 PM.

Contrast is a delicate balance. Too little and you can’t tell anything apart, but too much and suddenly you see everything so black and white. It’s a colorful world out there. Hardly can you find examples of contrast so clearly.


When you’re falling
And the wind surges past
Like tsunami waves

You’re a stone thrown
Into a lake
Feeling what it’s like

To sink down and study
Fluid dynamics
While your impact ripples

Hear the cloudsingers
Hiss and chorus
As you descend

Past the point that
Light can reach and
There is no horizon

You’re falling fast
Through an abyss
Of air, you twist

And tumble, but
Still aware of your
Form’s gravity

Air like a fluid
Sonic boom
While you’re moving

Yet it’s so peaceful
While your stony self
Sinks and studies

Each passing particle
As if they were
The last on Earth

With time to tell
Every breeze
You appreciate it

These forces
Otherworldly in
Their silence

Sinking into air
Through fluid

No feet on the ground
The way you’re feeling right now

September Sky

Sun’s hanging low
Air’s cooling off

Seasons are shifting
And the summer is lifting
Fall is falling
Wind begins wailing

Leaves gather
On the sidewalks
Kicking up with
Feet chasing deeds

Things to do
Now that it’s cold
Outside on the street
And warm inside

It’s time to open
Windows while we sleep
And wear three
Jackets when we walk

Cavalry to crunching
Dead tree leaves

Uniform in orange
Red and yellow

Brown in bark and woe
In the gutters
When the breeze
Picks up and leaves

Partly cloudy
Where sunlight and
Shadow battle
For supremacy

And where is shade
There is respite
Even in early morning
Frost’s bite

In the September sky
We celebrate
As the sun leaves
And leaves fall