Mayrigold waves
At the beach
Break as evening
Waxes and
Sunlight waves

Remember remember
That evening in May

When the mayrigold waves
Crashed into the bay

Sun hanging low
Red sky above

Remember, my love?

Remember that sun
We’ll see it again
In yellow, in orange
In pale-set gemstones

If not today
Then next May

We will, when the
Waves break again

Photic Ray

Grinding away


By unending
Magma bursts

Atop sunspots
Simmer heat
Boils over this forge
As sunshots

Wear the plates
Of metamorphic rock
Punch through
As a volcano
Through clouds

Thermite of dawn
And mortar strikes
Weaponize light
As melting heat

Roaring energy
As fast as the
Speed of light

Charging with fury
Because they can’t

The sunrise


We say night is so
Yet where else do we

Being able to see
Autumn and winter

I will always trade in
City lights
For a single tree
Colored with fire

Better than the black
Nighttime delivers
I love more the
Ash laid to gutters

Dead leaves
More wonderful
Than these
Clockwork streets

Night strikes every day
But the best seasons
Only have half a year
That I can see

Still night infects
November’s time

But I love to see the breeze
Cold as can be but
By the frozen sun
I can see the quiet trees