Satan: An Autobiography

Satan is a senior in high school
And he likes wearing blazers
That “compliment”
Knee-high platform boots

Thinks that the Sex Pistols
Made the realest music
And that anyone who listens
To rap is stupid

Satan’s dating a lesbian
Who’s keeping the relationship
Secret from all of
Her other friends

He knows a lot of people
Always makes a person laugh
But never was the type
To be invited out

You can find him in Olympia
Where he stalks the night
And eats in at unknown
Cafes downtown

He dwells in your heart
Always tempting to let
Nostalgia tear apart
What’s been built up

Satan wears ladies’ boots
And struts with pride
Though with his long hair
He gets hit on by guys

He drives while listening
To punk rock, and everyone
Know his horns are in
His confident aggression

Unfriendly and cryptic
So that he’d tempt more
Of those who were curious
To investigate his influence

Yet everyone talked
Behind his back
Satan was popular
But sometimes unliked

Brash and loud
First to speak in a room
When no one asked
To be spoken to

Satan is 17
And the ruler of hell,
A domain rather nice,
He would say

Thinks he’s the best
He can be
Sneaking to the city
And doing “evil” deeds

Never would ever be
Arrested for so much
As trespassing, and
Of that, he’s paranoid

Satan rings out by
A single voice
Of his lover, using
One of many

Seemingly never as
Interesting as the things
He causes and is
Involved with

And his tiny kingdom
Of 3 square miles
Would be rocked to know
There are thousands out there

This was Satan
And his life
The best it would ever be
And shallow as hell

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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