Day 2


Day 2

To my love:

You don’t know how much
Time feels like has passed

Three hours in a day all
To myself
And that’s all

Two days is all its been

Two days and it feels like
I’ve been deployed
To a world war for four years

16 hours stripped from 48

16 less to appreciate
How much you mean to me

16 spent on crisis
And constant alertness
Feeling like I’m being watched
By creepy clowns
When there’s not

Two days and in every way
I wish I could write you
A better letter to convey

What it feels for me
To know that you’re
The medicine I need
To make me feel better

And to have 16 less hours
Of 48
To dose myself
And appreciate

How good you make me feel
And how those simple
Things you do
To my memories
And desires

I wish I could stay up
All night
With you and never tire

16 hours
I wish I didn’t have to
Spend in the rain

16 hours
I wish I didn’t have to
Try to explain
To myself
That it’s worth spending

16 hours
Under constant attack

You know what I
Would choose to do
If given those 16 hours

I’d try my hardest to spend
Those two days with you

Early mornings,
Long nights,

Sleeping in,
Or bed early


As long as
My eyes don’t hurt
At the end of my day
And my knees don’t feel
Like they buckle
And sway

16 from 48

16 terrified
Of something bad

16 hours
And a sense of dread
Like the crew is dead
And we shamble through
Our personal pains
We’re only here
To fill our baskets with bread


Creepy clowns
Chasing kids
With knives

Watching from the

They aren’t there
But in our mind’s eye

A kind of terror
Where you can
Be easily surprised

16 hours
All police bulletin:

There’s people in the
Welcome Center
Who can’t be let in


Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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