North Bend Nadine – 12/27/18

christmas bokeh

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Shoot with Nadine in North Bend, Washington, the other day. Not the snowy Winter photos we were looking for, but I think they turned out great.

Seattle Walking – 12/1/18

where am i

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heavenly tangle
Above at Freeway Park.

christmas crows
Spooks of Christmas.

into the steel jungle
Into the concrete jungle.

soviet lotus
Bloc art.

out of focus
Helios 40-2. Short tempered and fast as hell on focus.

pike place sign
The one picture most people get. But this one’s mine.

no drones allowed
No fly zone on the boardwalk.

ferris wheel reflection
Reflections are a misery.

5th ave theater
5th Avenue Theater. Loud and proud.

fantastic geometry
The waterfalls have been off every time I’ve been.

freeway park dec 2018
Freeway Park. Better when it’s brighter out.

where am i
“Where am I?”


Hunter Portrait Shoot – 11/16/18

shrouded edit

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Portrait shoot with Hunter Gilbert the other day. This one was at Wright Park, an arboretum out in Tacoma. Another very autumnal shoot, only slightly offset by the wintery clothing. The flannel did quite a bit to dissuade that idea.

The Helios 40-2 is showing itself in the very swirly pictures again, with the hang of its center focus still being a bit to get used to. Still had a bunch of fun out and about. Thanks again for humoring me, Hunter!

Grace Dahl Portrait Shoot – 11/10/18

gd 6

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Fun shoot with Grace Dahl the other day. It helped how much of a natural she seemed at being in front of the camera, and I got an earnest chance to try out that Helios 40-2. Very nice, chilly, transitional weather in Puyallup gave some fantastic natural light, so I got to use the most of my aperture. With autumn quickly becoming winter, the skies were clear, and the ground was awash in orange.