Voices – Journal 11/19/18

This month has marked another good turning point in a couple of spheres for myself.

Photography: getting paid for it. Drones? Repaired and able to fly (after demonstrating what is undoubtedly amazing electrical engineering skills by having a battery explode in my hands). Website? On point, with a better layout and more effective front page. A copy of Microsoft Office so I can actually be productive on my machine? What does this mean exactly?

One of the things I’ve struggled to take care of is actually come up with a publication that’s somewhat all-encompassing of my work. Something for the drone side, the photography side, the poetry side, and even the short story side. Since I have an idea of where the Deneb Mythos are going and Reality City is alive on the site and in the airwaves, I can sit down and come up with a publication that at least covers my bases for the big three. Poetry, drones, and photography.

So that’s good. A step in the right direction. That, and another step has been made towards backing up RRC on as much as possible again. Now, this includes Betaflight, and all my drone flash memory files. As well as stuff from professional portraiture. Never before has Radio Reality City been known to have that in its portfolio, but it does now, and I have indeed gotten a couple of gigs here and there.

But there is one phenomenon still looming that I am quite afraid of. My poetry output has waned to the point that ‘one a day’ posting is no longer feasible for the long term. As you’ve likely noticed, I haven’t had a lot of stuff to put up in the name of photography either outside of recent shoots. I still don’t have a super well-defined release schedule for broader lengths of content overall. The ideal is to have a M-T-W-Th-F schedule of content centered around different aspects of Radio Reality City, my setup for it just isn’t concrete yet.

Unfortunately for the site, but fortunately for me, I’ve been able to do a lot day-to-day, so the times that come to pass for being able to focus on content here comes about just once or twice a week.

shrouded edit

Because stuff like this is what I’ve been up to! I’ve gotten much better at overall composition, direction, and editing of photos in the last few weeks. It’s been a while since October, but that’s okay. It’s happening now. I’m doing work!

I hope that’s enough for an update. If you happen to be a regular (or anyone, really), feel free to peruse the writing page and flick through some of those short stories. If you’re looking for some reading material, I am always looking for feedback on execution of these things. In what will hopefully be a slight petering out of content, I would love to see my short stories grow into a respectable side of Radio Reality City.

Thanks for tuning in, as always, and continue to consume reality!

Radio Reality City!




Hunter Portrait Shoot – 11/16/18

Portrait shoot with Hunter Gilbert the other day. This one was at Wright Park, an arboretum out in Tacoma. Another very autumnal shoot, only slightly offset by the wintery clothing. The flannel did quite a bit to dissuade that idea.

The Helios 40-2 is showing itself in the very swirly pictures again, with the hang of its center focus still being a bit to get used to. Still had a bunch of fun out and about. Thanks again for humoring me, Hunter!

Grace Dahl Portrait Shoot – 11/10/18

* * *

Fun shoot with Grace Dahl the other day. It helped how much of a natural she seemed at being in front of the camera, and I got an earnest chance to try out that Helios 40-2. Very nice, chilly, transitional weather in Puyallup gave some fantastic natural light, so I got to use the most of my aperture. With autumn quickly becoming winter, the skies were clear, and the ground was awash in orange.


Antennae With Rays


Sony Alpha 6300, f/5, 1/3200, ISO-100, 42mm. 10/4/2018 3:46 PM.

This photo was taken through a car window. I’m surprised it turned out as well as it did, frankly.

Autumn Boy

autumn boy

Alpha 6300 w/ Helios 44-2, f/2, 1/3200, ISO-100. 9/27/2018 11:13 AM.

Lake Crescent

lake crescent

Sony a6300, f/14, 1/80, ISO-100, 23mm. 8/8/2018 6:25 PM.

Unpolarized. I’ll get that one next time.

Autumn at the Summit of North Bend

autumn at the summit of north bend.JPG

Even at the top of Mount Si, the onset of Fall can be felt among the jagged rocks and Canadian jays.

Sony Alpha 6300, f/4, 1/800, ISO-100, 18mm. 9/18/2018 1:09 PM.

Photographer Nine

photographer nine
Canon 1000D, 1/400. ISO-800, 18mm. 1/15/2018, 3:33 PM.

You brought me along
To your version
Of where my life
Was manufactured

Where I was
Taken apart
And put back

So you stand
In the frame
Of the stakes

Of making
Your way
Into my