Helicopter Crash – Journal 7/6/17

Every fucking action movie that features any kind of god damn helicopter (except for the first Matrix movie) sees the chopper get taken the fuck down. This is a problem.

In my last journal I discussed how I didn’t understand how to transition scenes when I was 8 years old, so I would knock the protagonist unconscious and have them wake up in a different scene. That was how I did transitions. CGI for helicopters must be so damn cheap, every fucking action film with them in it makes them blow up excellently somehow.

I am currently watching the latest iteration of King Kong, where as soon as there’e a convoy of choppers tearing ass over Skull Island playing Black Sabbath over loudspeakers, I know that these sorry sons of bitches are gonna go down in flames. Spoiler alert, by the way. But also you should be able to see that coming, because damn.

I also realized that I somehow hadn’t purchased Thunderstruck nor Paranoia on iTunes yet. This movie made me remedy that. Thanks, Kong!

My house in Skyrim is coming along quite well, thanks for asking.

This journal’s excerpt is from a poem I’m gonna end up calling “Amoral”:

“I can be a bad guy
They can be the good ones

Ramming our gates
We’re under siege
Climbing the stone
Their destiny

And ours is one
That puts an end to them”

This poem is supposed to be set during a siege of a town, something middle ages I think. I’m writing a helluva lot about knights and hand to hand combat. Thank you, Skyrim. I’ve also written a poem this afternoon called “House Of Wolves” that I am really proud of. I’m not writing as much as I was last month, but I’m back to writing maybe one a day. Difference is, it’s much denser now, the stuff I’m writing. The things I wrote tens of stanzas of a year ago are being condensed more and more.

House Of Wolves is a pretty damn dense poem. We’ll be seeing that here on Radio Reality City soon.

One thing that’s much easier to capture in stories and interactive narratives is atmosphere. Words by themselves don’t have much atmosphere. Well, not the pinpoint atmosphere that you could get at in a whole paragraph of exposition. Few words sound exactly as they’d appear.

Take this one for instance: sanguine. Isn’t that a weird fucking word? I only ever hear that in reference to extremely into it vampire fetishists. Blood is supposed to be sanguine, but it’s also supposed to be an “optimistic outlook in an especially bad situation”. I don’t know why the fuck vampires like that so much, nor how that came to mean blood.

Here’s another: ethereal. Doesn’t that just sound like something mystic as hell? It’s badass! I try to use that one often, when I can. Words like that and verisimilitude are really fun to pepper in when I can. Though I don’t do it often, it can be incredibly satisfying to find a syllable count that works with something with a specific definition.

One such phrase I used a while back was “call of the void”, which is the feeling you get when you want to jump over the edge of a cliff. Look it up, it’s quite fascinating.

My dad used to be a writer. I say used to because he hasn’t written since we moved to Washington. But lately I’m trying to get him to get those creative juices flowing again by giving him my old notebooks. Wouldn’t you find it odd to read things your son wrote if he wrote like me? I sure would be, that is, if I wanted children. Which I don’t. At all.

What ever happened to Skrillex, by the way? Is he even still making music? Ah, whatever. I’m not listening to Bangarang, I’m listening to John Wick Mode by Le Castle Vania!

Alright, you guys, that’s my lot this time around, hope you enjoyed! If anyone has any ideas on features or anything, please let me know. I’d be interested in any suggestions!

This is Jake Thomas Shaw from Radio Reality City, and I hope you have a lovely week!

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Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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