Offices of R.R.C.

Offices of R.R.C.

Insurance on any of my
11 cars
Will cover all damage

I could hardly care about
Ramming a light pole
In a parking lot
Or driving (routinely)
On the wrong side
Of the road

I bought a slick coat
At the store
But when I realized
It was in an off-color
I simply had
To buy another one

Then I got a motorcycle
Painted 5 times to
Match my outfit

My favorite pair of shoes
Cost me $8,000

O rarely notice them
Because I’m either driving
Or lounging in my penthouse

Cocaine reside on my coat
Marijuana smoke
Crawls out of a bong
Like some minion
From underneath an end table

While I get off
The couch and brace
Myself on the kitchen counter
And take a shot
Of whiskey

This is what it’s like
In my company

This is the life
As an associate
Of R.R.C.

I’m the V.I.P.
The C.E.O.
Passed out on the couch
In my smoking jacket

Grab a rifle from
My gun locker
Go steal some cargo
Or buy us a shipment

Of guns,
Bootlegged liquor,
Or today’s flavor
Of commodity

We’re here to party
Like rockstars
And turn a profit
In between binges
In those rare
Bursts of sobriety

We must make enough
To finance this felony
To finance this lifestyle

To finance and felony

To steal and cheat
Our way into
The ranks of idle rich

To binge like our
Heroes do
And to die overdosing
Or in a shootout
Like they did, too

That’s the dream
That’s where
This all leads

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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