No Land Beyond

no land beyond

No Land Beyond

We assembled at dawn every day
Adolescent mornings always giving way
To the coalition of forces here who gathered
There was no land beyond that mattered

Over the top of muddy trenches we go
Hazards left, right, to and fro
Even with the shielding gas masks on
The visage keeps seeping in at dawn

Long coats on, boots strapped for danger
They wick away the sweat and the stranger
Helmet tightened, fashioned to frighten
Rifles made to orchestrate pain and enlighten

Bolt-action understanding in hands
We cautiously wade through this land
Demons forthcoming, a path of sulfur
Thunder in the distance as we draw revolvers

While we fire into the pink horizon
The demons we kill keep up the siphon
Of experience and hurt of grey smoke
Every time a devil is made to be broke

Casings hollow, solemn in falling
Brass hits mud and is crushed by who follows
Left in a sole that used to step on souls
And fed by magazines that you couldn’t ever read

Relics and artifacts that have been gifted
The ruins we discovered and then sifted
Through and through the items we lifted
Garnished our barrels with vain veins of volition

Barbed wire that coils finds our ankles
We shake it off, in unamused annoyance
Every step blazes the path to reclaimation
Every shot explodes the dam of recollection

For us above the trenches, there is no land beyond
A world of grey, peppered with craters
Through a lense of yellow gas masks we step
Above a land we were once stuck in and ascended

We fight and urge to remember
The days before that went unhindered
Now in this time of struggle and strife
We fight to remember better days of our life

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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