Say the things yesterday you won’t say today
Make room for today for things you’ll say tomorrow
And to tomorrow, don’t wait, capture the three fates
Of cleanliness, success, and pure joviality

Tend to the great garden you planted last year
Water the nightshade and roses with joyful tears
Make memories in the sun, experience it all
Bask in the rays of fruitful sun and dahl

Part the clouds above yourself and dig wells
Look at the sprouts of belladonna belles
Reap what you sow, you’ll always know
When to harvest and what will emit woe

Take the lovely belles, plant them, and admire
On your windowsill, having tea by the fire
Enjoy the experience as roses around float
Wear this new reality and truth as a capote

And admire the nightshade and drink its aura
Look at the stalk of this dangerous flora
Know the power and fate it may cause
You know yourself, and play by your own laws

Some cry “madman” for what you practice
“You’ll surely die as you drink from that chalice!”
They do not know the immunity you possess
So pay no mind as the truths inside egress

Drink heartily, love happily, and shame the liars
You can love yourself and the belles can be admired
Float down the river of constants and variables
This is all a fierce psychologic parable

Calling Connecticut

Calling Connecticuit

I’m calling Connecticuit again
Calling Connecticuit to talk to friends
I’m calling Connecticuit again
Calling to say I’m sorry it had to end

Lucy from the Navy wasn’t in
I called her to tell her no one wins
Lucy from the Navy wasn’t in
I called to see if she was with him


I bleed for another day
Somehow, some way, I hope
She’ll come back to me
Hope that this isn’t the end

My poor friends

I called Connecticuit again
Another week I try to make amends
Lucy from the Navy wasn’t in
She’s probably forgotten all about me

Out, out on the ships at sea
Lucy from the Navy loved more
Lucy from the Navy loved the ships
She loved them much more than me

She doesn’t know what I’ve done
To ensure her life was won
No one knows what I feel
My sacrifice I cannot reveal

I know that she is now happy
Loving the hulls and ports out there
In a world I promised to show her
And now I can never make the trip

Oh, I see

All the things I never said
The people I never met
I regret my one wrong move
Why did I have to do it?

I miss, I miss, a girl so grand
My mistakes have cost me
A world that is now lost to me
Now I don’t know where I land

I called again the other day
Tried to talk, to show her my way
I called again the other day
But Lucy from the Navy wasn’t in

Mother of Invention

mother of invention

Mother of Invention

I was sailing far away
On a ship I piloted
In space, the cosmos knelt
Towards the vessel I commanded

A planet panned into view
And here I thought that it was new
I anchored to find and see
That this was a place that I had been

Decades ago I was here
On my maiden voyage
Back then everything had seemed
So grand and mystical

Now here I stand on Planet X
I was so proud to discover it
The press had had its run
And then decided elsewhere was fun

The black ice crunches below me
As I bounce around joyfully
I was allowed to remember
What had set it all into motion

This desolate place
No one else was as proud of
This forgotten place
Wasn’t a thing before to me

It didn’t stop me from venturing
Through caves from years ago
The places I had been and
All the wonderful things to see

And here I was an astronaut
Much more than I was before
When a boy had set his sights
And emerged a new man

I’ve found some, since then
Other places that were great, too
But alright, that’s okay
I think it was better the simpler way

When people didn’t know me
Fame and fortune wasn’t an object
The stars and planets guided me
All the wonderful things I’d see

Arid Desert of Cast Away Ulteriors

Arid Desert of Cast Away Ulteriors

Space stops yet time does not
Sands of architects erupt forth
Hourglasses across deserts shatter
Sand in hand like it doesn’t scatter

Which grain was incased in itself
What brothers imprisoned brothers
The sand that shifted into dunes
Walls of time that run you through

Wind reaches far over the peaks
Bearing down whom it clearly sees
Dam summits cannot contain it
Damned obelisks stand to change it

The alchemist treks through here
A yellow, barren place of altercation
Valleys recede into horizons that flee
And no one once sought to control it

The alchemist stood atop a summit
This place he contended with to halt
With its torrent of sanguine certainty
And unfathomed futures never seen

Years later, another alchemist walked
After the last man was lost, until
The alchemist ventured to find a rock
Whereupon was the last one’s will

Aftermath Ash

Aftermath Ash

It fell

Like rain in the summer
It poured

As buckets pushed o’erhead
It dumped

The grey particles of lost embers
They rained

On a day where there was no rain

Today is the day you remember
The fire years ago that raged

The aftermath and fallout of hell
An abrupt winter blots out the sky

The fire that burned before
Had come back to life

In the shape of black, not red
Today the ashes fall

Leftover from years passed
Resetting land for a new kind of hell

Sea of Doors

Sea of Doors

We were in Maine
On a rowboat, charging to an island
Through all the rain
The waves were high enough to see

Even though I agreed to this
I don’t know you or you
What is this heavenly place?
It’s not like I remember it anyway

Who are you?
I fought to forget and now I know
I remember you
But how could I ever?

I don’t know you
These swells are not the same
The boat isn’t set in similar wood
All so familiar yet nothing I know

Why do you turn your back on me?
Are you ashamed of what you did?
Over yellow rain coats, water falls
Below the boat, the sea does call

I have a key
In front of me
A door behind
It: infinitely more

Standing on spits of land
Their handles call for my hand
To turn the knob and step into
A world I once thought I knew

The rowing continues
My escorts say nothing
They both know me and I know them
But I don’t know me, or where I am

No Land Beyond

no land beyond

No Land Beyond

We assembled at dawn every day
Adolescent mornings always giving way
To the coalition of forces here who gathered
There was no land beyond that mattered

Over the top of muddy trenches we go
Hazards left, right, to and fro
Even with the shielding gas masks on
The visage keeps seeping in at dawn

Long coats on, boots strapped for danger
They wick away the sweat and the stranger
Helmet tightened, fashioned to frighten
Rifles made to orchestrate pain and enlighten

Bolt-action understanding in hands
We cautiously wade through this land
Demons forthcoming, a path of sulfur
Thunder in the distance as we draw revolvers

While we fire into the pink horizon
The demons we kill keep up the siphon
Of experience and hurt of grey smoke
Every time a devil is made to be broke

Casings hollow, solemn in falling
Brass hits mud and is crushed by who follows
Left in a sole that used to step on souls
And fed by magazines that you couldn’t ever read

Relics and artifacts that have been gifted
The ruins we discovered and then sifted
Through and through the items we lifted
Garnished our barrels with vain veins of volition

Barbed wire that coils finds our ankles
We shake it off, in unamused annoyance
Every step blazes the path to reclaimation
Every shot explodes the dam of recollection

For us above the trenches, there is no land beyond
A world of grey, peppered with craters
Through a lense of yellow gas masks we step
Above a land we were once stuck in and ascended

We fight and urge to remember
The days before that went unhindered
Now in this time of struggle and strife
We fight to remember better days of our life