Yes, This is Jake

Hello, from Somewhere Else, this is Jake Thomas Shaw of 90.9 Radio Reality City. I do hope all you boys and girls out there are enjoying the waves, as this hobby is one I will never give up!

Take a look around, see if you like what you do, and if not, just as well! I aim to archive and expect to be despised, so have at me with all you’ve got, if anything good to say from you is naught.

This is an archive of me talking into the microphone, this is an exposition from me of my experiences.

If you like it or not, it will exist all the same.

These are my thoughts. Of them, I have no shame.

I will be angry, I will place blame. I will often be content, and wish to spread my name.

Only because these things that I say, are the things that make me.

Good luck finding all of me.interrupted transmissions