Abandon Ship: Ever feel like you need to leave? What does it feel like to need to get out and survive independent of any associations? It feels like this. Abandon ship. Find it at King’s Books and the Mad Hat Teahouse in Tacoma, as a reward on Patreon, and on!

abandon ship front cover

Lithium Autumn: A collection all about how as Autumn changes, understanding of it does, too. Lithium because fall isn’t always about oranges and yellows, and also because it isn’t entirely organic, either. [Making electronic format]

Olympia Nights: Poetry about Olympia and what you can experience there. Predominantly all chronologically documenting my life in relation to what happens in that city at night. Check it out here!


Natural: Natural is about someone lost in a city they’ve never been in, in a relationship they don’t understand. This story seeks to understand how we think during relationships, and the effects those relationships have on us long after things have happened. It’s about knowing how what you feel should be natural. See it here!

Radio Reality City 4: Circuitry: Poetry from Autumn of 2016 and Winter of 2016, limited run released at Pierce College. Can be viewed here.


Radio Reality City 3: April (II) and May (II): Poetry from April and May of 2016. Concerned with my ENG 238 class, mostly, but also from outside that quarter. PDF here!

Radio Reality City: Second Transmission: Published at Pierce College in a limited run, from Autumn of 2016. See it here!


Radio Reality City: My first venture publishing, at Puyallup High School. A run of 100 copies flooded that school on May 6th, 2015. See the beginning here!

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