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Jake Thomas Shaw, at your service! I’m a third-tier writer, with a consistent interest in most things creative. Writing is my strongest suit, particularly in the area of poetry. However, I am also a photographer, and now a podcaster too, hosting the Days in Radio Reality City! I’ve been doing very moderate/local self-publishing by way of chapbooks and stuff like that, and have appeared in two literary journals (Puyallup High School’s The Viking Voyager and Pierce College’s Student Literary and Arts Magazine, more on these printed works on the ‘Transmissions’ page). As of January 2018, I am also now locally self-published in Tacoma, Washington! I also host the Days of Reality City broadcast, which focuses on issues in the titular city in Somewhere Else.


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You can help me improve my work my commenting your thoughts and critiques on anything that strikes you. I encourage my audience to have a voice! PLEASE be compelled to comment!


I am currently allowed to use music by the artist Kauf (kaufaudio.com) as the background music in the Days of Reality City broadcasts, so long as the use of them isn’t monetized. I genuinely enjoy the music, and I highly recommend you check it out!

I am in negotiations to commission original art by Ashley Becker, Maggie Holland, and Grace Woods based off of my poetry! Super cool! When contracts are all signed, you’ll see a link to their respective social medias here, and credit every time their art appears next to something!

Aside from that, all of the assets on here are original works by yours truly. I will allow fair use usage of my work, provided you get permission first (I’m a pretty chill guy when it comes to that, just tell me what you want to use it for and it’ll probably be okay).


Any questions or examinations or intrigue or anything like that can be thrown at the flagship email address: jakethomasshaw@radioreality.city.


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