Jake Thomas Shaw, at your service! I’m a third-tier writer, with a consistent interest in most things creative. Writing is my strongest suit, particularly in the area of poetry. However, I am also a photographer, and I tend to sculpt when I can. I’ve been doing very moderate/local self-publishing by way of chapbooks and stuff like that, and have appeared in two literary journals (Puyallup High School’s The Viking Voyager and Pierce College’s Student Literary and Arts Magazine, more on these printed works on the ‘In Print’ page).

A lot of my poems come from experiences I’ve had in life, little as that may be, and the others come from fabrication. Those abstract types are all over the place, and even when I write about my life I tend to have very meta-metaphors stretched across lots of time and pieces.

I also decided to start a journal (NOT a blog) on what is supposed to be a blogging website. So there is that. I’m always trying to cover another avenue of writing, and lately that’s been in non-fiction work like that. I dipped into autoethnography with my essay ENGRAEYGED, also. If you want to get to know the man behind the mask a little bit better, go to the journal! That’s where a lot of my personality will hopefully be coming out.

Take a look around!

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You can help me improve my work my commenting your thoughts and critiques on any poem that strikes you. I encourage my audience to have a voice! PLEASE be compelled to comment!

All of the assets on this site are original works and owned by me, so simply attribute myself as the source where applicable if you would like to use something. Please be courteous!


Any questions or examinations or intrigue or anything like that can be thrown at the flagship email address: jakethomasshaw@radioreality.city.


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