Jade and Nick Block’s Wedding

I made this video as part of a camping trip for my sister. She wanted to sleep in a tent, wake up, walk out to a beach, and get married. Well if that isn’t what actually happened…

Musical credits:
Artist: Tycho
Track: Adrift
Album: Dive
Label: Ghostly International


Assault Canon – Journal 6/27/18

Currently typing this from my phone, because my desktop is five feet away and I can’t be bothered. It’s been a long day.

So, the last journal left off with the promise of getting an 80D by day’s end, and I am happy to announce that I did indeed get a professional grade camera in the Canon 80D. I have been having a lot of fun looking at it, but I haven’t been out to really get some mileage on it.

Queue this mid-week weekend. My sister wants to get married on the beach, and so she’s set up a camping trip to get married on the second day with my soon-to-be brother-in-law. Cool guy. But I realized something today while going into work, is that I’m going to be taking a lot of photos, so I need more battery power.

Smash cut to 6:30 or so today when I am once again taking a trip up to Seattle with two friends of mine. This time for a battery grip and an extra battery.


So in all it’s glory, here is the new rig for Radio Reality City. Nothing electronic has ever been so satisfying to hold.

I’m taking my XS, the SL1, and the 80D, all fully loaded on batteries, all with their own SD cards in them for a total of about 144GB of storage, my two 18-55mm lenses, my 50-250mm telephoto, my 24mm macro, and my 18-135mm lens. Since we’re going to be on the coast, the Monarch will naturally be going as well.

A notebook and plenty of pens are coming along, too. Don’t worry.

Poetry posting is going to come to a halt here for a week or so, as I will A) be away from keyboard and B) am currently refraining from releasing let’s say time sensitive pieces. Not the right time, and maybe not the right place to put some poems from a few months back. I’ll have to think of a way to get them out in a friendly manner later on.

But poetry writing is moving right along. Once again: don’t worry.

And as this short entry draws to a close, I’d actually like to take a moment to thank someone who will never read this. Erik was a guy I met some years back, housesat for, and was interested to find that he was an exceptional photographer. He got me interested in the craft immensely, and I owe a lot of the maturation of my philosophy to the art of photography to him. So Erik, if you’re ever going to find yourself reading this, I thank you. Was a big help to start off with someone so knowledgeable.

Alright, radio silence is going to fall after this one is posted. Nothing scheduled. Maybe nothing going to come out until Sunday night or Monday morning. There’s a lot to do between now and then.

But we’re not dead! Still feel free to peruse https://radioreality.city to your heart’s content while I’m away! After all, isn’t that what discovery is all about?

Consume reality!

Radio Reality City!

A Wedding Proposal

A Wedding Proposal

We don’t have to dress up
In expensive
$5,000 disposable lace
Or 10-piece tuxedos.
Every guest will be urged
To arrive comfortably.
The guest list itself
Won’t be too long,
And the dock where
Two yachts are waiting
Will only be full of
Those who really care.
Your friends and family
And my friends and family
Will separate with us
Into the ships representing
Yours and mine, and
I’ll kiss you before we go.
The ships will sail out
A few miles, maybe to
International waters, and
Then after parallel receptions
The ships will converge.
Close enough to set a
Gangplank from one to the
Other, after they anchored.
Our loved ones will watch
As the priest hoists up
And we walk to meet.

And there we will be.

I’ll be taking your
Fourth name.