Reliving in Diners

We were ruined
After a night of reconnecting
Once again

I found a band
On the ground
During the walk
After verbal parries
And repostes
We finally found
A Denny’s to eat at
And sat in my car
To talk

Late into the night
At least 2 AM
Recalling all the
Times we’d
Done this before



In purgatory we
Found an elevator
An unexpected
Victory helping
Our secret rising

Into the pale lift
Beside two strangers
With whom we bluffed
With up to hotel’s
Frayed gold fifth story

Old carpet halls have
No decorations
No windows looking
Outside or clockworks
On the wallpaper

We were there for five
Moments out of place
And off oily streets
In the purgatory
We wandered into

There for five moments
Aware and lost yet
It seemed as if
We were both in there
From sun rise till set

U.X.O.: A Lonely Walk

U.X.O.: A Lonely Walk

Every step is heavy
By the boots of harrowing

Down a mile long walk
In spectated isolation,
Where all the people
Are gathered to watch.

… Peering by a thick plastic visor
Khaki dust streak through.

Heavy is the foot as it rises,
And as a blacksmith’s hammer,
Smashes down
Unto the ground.

… Can feel them all nervous for me,
Looking on.

Heavy is the smoky air
With sweet molassas.
Heavy is the burden
Of walking through it.

… Sullen silence creeps into senses:
A slash and stab of anxiety.

In a suit like a spaceman’s,
So alien to this vaccum,
And every movement is made
In a brooding slow motion.

… Pushing oneself to continue
Through the lonely fog.

Spacewalking down a dirt road
In a motion of low gravity,
Arms swimming as if in a
Murky, shallow pond.

… Suit anchored with armor
Tethering to the ground.

Didn’t want to leave
In the first place.
But this
Is the job.

… Heat stress and heavy legs
Accompany the demining brigade.

One foot in front of the other,
Must remember to breathe
In the overwhelming warmth.
Wiping dust from the mask.

… No one can see underneath
Damp sweat and pained strain.

Submerged in the polluted air,
Moving through a soupy mixture
Haze, clutching a pair of scissors
And eyes on with eyes on the bomb.

… It was this hot the minute before,
And the minute before that.

A whipping wind cakes the visor.
Boots of harrow heavy in stride.
From so very far away,
Others are quietly watching.

… Suit is in pressure. Every step
In brand new undertow or riptide.

Legs are stiff and
Arms are encumbered.
Thick gloves, flak collar.
Wiping the visor again.

… Timer still ticking.

Better keep walking.



Pass by in a haze
The reins
And sunsetting rails
While trainyards coast
With their cargo
Into a million engulfed
Lines of oil.

The third rail
Is aflame.

In wide
Hot snow
And tufts
Of warm,
Cottony soil.

Is not revelation.

Oil suspended
In lanterns
On shepherds’
Hooks in the hollow
Below the trail
Light the way.

Glowing gravel
Paves a narrow
Road above
And below a
Sonorous scape
Of saturnine dusk.

The wicks will
Not burn quietly.



Sweating sugar cane,
Concrete ravines,
Mountains behind
Standing icicles.

And spitfire
On rings

In rhythm and time
To a pendulum
During the climb,

Frost setting in.
Clawing brambles,
Acidic herbs.
Shattered fissures

Before an expanse
Of hazy mountains,
Torn open to expose
Cement cobwebs.

Sidereal specks of
Caltrop flowers
Salt the roots of a
Clouded hypogeal,

Where on hilltop bedrock a
Dewpoint valley fountainhead
Keeps vigil from across on
A tall and balmy watchtower.



Walking around
In the early morning
Petrichor in the lungs

To any
High way

Over railroads
And rail roads
Where fortresses
Grid tall towns

Warm hands
On yokes and reins
Vicious peacocks
Edged driftwood

Can’t stop
Won’t stop
Ferns on moss
On trees

Puzzle bark
Razor wire
Shrub forts

Spear thrower
Cliff face
River things

Where runoff
Runs off
And races
Cliff faces