The absolution between
Seeing red and indigo
Is energy levels
Articulated in wavelengths

The people choose
What’s normal

By the will of thoughts
And deviance as crime

Be with the group
Conform or resist to norm



Like a pair of wings
You unfurl words
That mean these things

Flying in the air
Seeming so free
‘Till it lands

Words walk among
Teeming masses
As part of it

Every crowded sidewalk
Every clogged hall
By hearts and minds

They are a security
You can use them as batons
And as riot shields

There is nothing more
Glamorous than heroes
Toting only their voices

No thrown fist
Or super power
Just quick wit

It is a shield
And a baton
It is an entity

It’s a thing you
Can hold so dear
And be ripped from

So don’t shout
Too much or you’ll
Lose your larynx

Lose your security
Baton and shield
An entity

It’s your last
Bastion to
Those so unrefined

Words better than weapons
News better than broadswords
Hearts no better than minds

Hearts no better than mine
If I find my opponent
Shuns the words I say

If all else is lost
Then we can use swords
But nothing is yet gone

We still have voiceboxes
Hearts beat in our chest
Minds quake in our head

“So until then,
No swords.
We use our larynx.”



You don’t know
How many wounds
I’ve accumulated

With the prickly
Oily liquid

Some lipids

That move

And spread
Like a weed


With thorns
That morph
And disappear


When one speaks
With the voice
That is

Confiding Voice

Confiding Voice

I am the one whom you come for aid
I am omniscient and have no name
I am a voice and nothing more
Feeding advice to those who want
More, more, more

So tell me something I didn’t know
Have you a picture you can show?
Or a song that you may sing?
That I haven’t already heard
Or over-seen?