World Garden

World Garden

On the backs of ancestors
Endless tracts tread light
Falling down
These stars of mine

Descending in night
From somewhere on high

Rolling control
Revolutions per minute
On rich soil shoal

Unravelling jewels
Gems and scrolls


In the distance
An ocean of
Light pinpricks

Eldritch Wires

Eldritch Wires

What a force this is
It’s incredible
It’s so strange how it moves me

It’s as if all my atoms were on wires
And they lifted me up to the sky
To fly, and show off this raw
Power controlling me

It’s been so long since I’ve
Been taken like this
It’s still fine with me
Because I love it

I knew you were out there
Ensnaring me from the depths
Of a multitude of

Without me even being aware,
You, eldritch thing, had me
At your feet and begging
For your harmonic mercy