Moxie All I Need

Wildlands out there On the horizon Tempting to be trekked Through I have all I need To go exploring If it doesn’t fit In my backpack I’ve made up for it In moxie I’ve got maps, a compass And two flare guns If I get into trouble I only need one For the rest IContinue reading “Moxie All I Need”

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Quietly Pass by in a haze The reins And sunsetting rails While trainyards coast With their cargo Into a million engulfed Lines of oil. The third rail Is aflame. In wide Tunnels Beneath Hot snow And tufts Of warm, Cottony soil. Transformation Is not revelation. Harvestman’s Oil suspended In lanterns On shepherds’ Hooks in theContinue reading “Quietly”

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Looking Up

Looking Up Spider’s spun spindly Cobwebs cauterize Wounds of a gash Mass over skies stretch Gathering dust Old cocoons Caught in silk Clandestine roads Forest overpass Freeways below Footfalls pedestrian Foraging for food Old monsoons Bringing the flake To worm’s mulch Soil slaked Decomposing in the shadow Of a spider web hollowed Ivory crossroads HungContinue reading “Looking Up”

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