Another Round

Go Away K It’s anything you want Don’t talk to me like that (Even then I do it to you) And be here after I tell you We should take the day off Because I’ll get mad if you’re not You need to ask me what’s wrong When I’m upset ‘Cause I won’t tell youContinue reading “Another Round”

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Pure Inhuman Energy Advance

I can’t stop shaking my leg Or jamming to the music One 20 ounce Red Bull drained Dragonforce is playing Operation Ground and Pound On loop It’s really difficult to Feel bad When I’m doing things that I enjoy so much The Red Bull helps my leg Shake in tune to the Insanely fast musicContinue reading “Pure Inhuman Energy Advance”

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Dance of the Doom Dirge

It’s a scary shadow Walking determinedly Down a dark hallway With dim backlights His terrifying mind Gears are visibly Twisting, thinking Gears are churning Through the black Slag of his intent In his skull This horrifyingly Capable man Black clad Every heavy step On the ground Makes it kneel As he passes Stone hot driveContinue reading “Dance of the Doom Dirge”

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