Tidepool Condos

Tidepool Condos When I was in elementary I was in a play about The tidepools. My crush at the time was The star, because of Course she was. I was too nervous about Having to remember any lines So I was a crew member. Or, rather, I was an extra, Off to the side inContinue reading “Tidepool Condos”

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The Devil You Don’t

The Devil You Don’t There was a Pretty person Sitting next to me Who’s shoulder I leaned on Who’s arms were wrapped around Me to seldom let go. Something About all the familiars And their bouts of déjà vu Swarmed through me as if to Tell my mind that pain was happening Because I wasn’tContinue reading “The Devil You Don’t”

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Radio Reality

Radio Reality Can theater exist in radio city? Can we freely express In person Without pity For the stations which send Waves over mountains That bend Are slowly Going out of Service Double fisting Double twisting cigars Between his thumbs I’ve got the real word here And you know that it comes cheap Totally freeContinue reading “Radio Reality”

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