Advanced Research

A muffled dirge
Possessive sound
Stalking like it’s

An overwhelming
Compelling hellfire
Felling in
Starved echoes

A frantic pulse
Panicked, enhavocked
And beating with
Friction so hot

Impact injected
Directly in shots
Gears grind and
Servos shift

It is it’s own
In an unstoppable

Stokes the heat

Dirging like demons
Infecting the neurons
And depth diving into
Dreadful thoughts

A gross song that
Mind alters
To the white noise
Of red tunnel vision

BIV & Seek

BIV & Seek

Naked girls

Pink lights

A riot guard
PLUR enforcement

Some dolls
Some bunnies

Some clothes and
Underwear strewn about

Around bedrooms
With lit candles

Around roygbiv

Around a couple
Of naked girls

Around pink lights
Some aroma of sirens

Some tempting song
Around PLUR guard

Some minx
Some think

Of rope lights
And night flights

From night lights
Some wall brights

Lighting up pink
Naked girls

Some removed bras
Discarded kevlar

Around panties
And white socks

Dressers stocked
Behind walls

Nude shapes at play
Coy siren display

Some tempted observer
Some carefree murmur

Some dim flashlights
In a cute house

Poking through windows
Some dim lights

Hints of form
Some slender shapes

Full lips
Mesmerizing eyes

Unnatural red highlights
And pale porcelain skin

Playful dolls
Seductive sirens

Playing chase
Walked in on

Through curtains
Into pink lights


C breasts
Fleece mess

Dress scents
Makes sense

Body works
Confident smirks

Purple PLUR
Sprawled lace

A biv-ing seam
Aura to seem

Posterized walls
Painted candle light

Protected home
Hinting gestures

Wondrous quiet
Found and giggling

Naked girls
Behind bedroom curtains

Lit by pink lights
Revealed highlights

Happy and inviting
A golden charm

A scent of excite
Castaway clothes

Barefoot on carpet
A comfort in mess

Pleasant curve ‘s’
Birthday suit

A sensitive back
A golden tail end

Unwelcome dream
Biv and seek

“At Last, Some…”

“At Last, Some…”

“… discord!” Cooed a part of me,
who reveled in languish. “Play
a trick, try a bit!” It hissed.
“Pull one over, try and fool
her!” It laughed and jeered.
“Today is dead!” It said.
“Go on and ignore her!”
It cried with glee, tears
in its eyes from laughter.

Go straight to hell,
little voice. Pick
your own fights.
I’ll never yell
for you.

For this, there is
one antidote.



I observe the forest laid out
Before me

Frozen over

After hours
Or maybe days
Of constant trekking
Across desolate terrain


Footsteps in the snow
Through bitter brambles

Over iced rivers
Leading me to here

A moment

Little clouds around ankles
In old handmade boots

Rifle drawn
Hand-laid stock notched
Scope sighted
Cheek beside the slide

Snow floats around my drawn hood
Eying through the spindly wood
A copse of thin dead trunks

My quarry
Timid and alert
Unaware of its pursuer

I follow from a slope above
Cold fabric numbs my legs

Arm flexed and arm extended
Poised and breaths slow

My aiming eye widens
Eyelashes stiff

Pupil awakens to compensate
And dialates to absorb
A contrasted background

Searching for the shadow
Out of place
Or the color that shouldn’t be
Between heartbeats

Drowning out
All the white noise
Dulling evergreens
And needless sound

Iris twitches

Hand and trigger finger

Goosebumps rise
Rogue tingles
Course up my spine

A moment

Narrow on the sight

Deciding now

A moment early to pull the trigger