Hunter Portrait Shoot – 11/16/18

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Portrait shoot with Hunter Gilbert the other day. This one was at Wright Park, an arboretum out in Tacoma. Another very autumnal shoot, only slightly offset by the wintery clothing. The flannel did quite a bit to dissuade that idea.

The Helios 40-2 is showing itself in the very swirly pictures again, with the hang of its center focus still being a bit to get used to. Still had a bunch of fun out and about. Thanks again for humoring me, Hunter!

BRRRRRT – Journal 5/20/18

neutral awareness.png
Captain Neutral, standing out.

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve done one of these that I nearly forgot how I structured the titles. But I remembered how to write poetry today, that’s pretty fucking nice.

Today is a very prominent day in my history. It has to do with my introduction and coming-of-age story that occurred over the course of five years starting in 2013. Back then I thought I knew everything. And every succeeding year after that, I continued to. At least when I was in high school I was a real narcissistic prick, but college gave way to a more ego-minded person. At least when I got into college I was ready to accept I would be among peers. This was true for a while.

Still, self-awareness isn’t valiant in and of itself. You have to do something with it. Self-actualize a little bit. Not let the mandala effect take over and erase all the good stuff.

That’s why Reality City is organized the way it is. Over the years since its inception, it’s developed into this theory of metacognition and a way of visualizing it. I approached my psyche professor about writing a paper on it as part of an optional piece we can do this quarter, and he was fully on board. It helps that he double-majored in philosophy when he was going through his master’s program.

Wordy wordy word word. Sorry about that. It’s just been a while since I’ve done a journal, today is a historic day in my life for a variety of reasons, and since my last journal things have drastically changed.

I’m now under the employ of a full-time, benefits-giving job that effectively triples my wage. Relationship stuff last week entered a fever pitch and now we’re in the aftermath of an impossible decision, Kirke and I. I’m now a professional photographer today with the assistance of a couple of friends who needed some wedding pictures done. And I look towards the future with more vigor than I was looking a month or so ago.

Something today has been renewed in me. Maybe it’s reading poetry indirectly meant for me that does the trick sometimes. Or just getting out and taking pictures of some very happy people ready to celebrate each other. My life since 5/20/13 has revolved around relationships, and now more than ever that’s true for only the best of reasons.

With university looming, I’ve now decided to save up for a new car that isn’t quite as destroyed as my jeep (and it turns out I might like subcompacts, the newer manual Fiat 500’s to be specific). Which, due to recent events, is no longer marked with my name. Anonymity on my part is the current name of a game that I can’t quite yet talk about, but when I can the fucking doors are going to blast open. No NDA, but simple timing is a weapon right now that I must use effectively. Don’t worry, Radio Reality City will not be cloaked in obscurity for very long.

That being said, the title of this journal is the sound an A10 Warthog makes when it fires its guns! Which is exactly what’s going to happen when the truth can be wrought.

See, Reality City is all about reality. If you know your ingsocs or thought police, even reality can be subject to interpretation and mismanagement. My fear of memory loss has even made me aware of confabulation and implantation, which are actually even more terrifying prospects than losing it all entirely.

So today I’ve been able to open up my notebook for a good honest crack at writing I haven’t been able to stomach for at least a month. I’ve been producing, just nothing done. Kirke seems to think I’m too hard on myself, but I think that’s exactly the opposite of what’s going on. I’m not hard enough on myself!

And over the course of the last month instead of writing I’ve been really focusing on photography, drone stuff, graphic design, and a bunch of other things that aren’t primarily writing related. I’ve overwhelmed myself and needed to get my focus narrowed again. Getting to go do a day-long shoot with a few of my friends helped the photographer in me be satisfied for a couple of days:

They’re even photogenic on an off-profile!

And with the gold of May pouring onto trees at sunset I was able to get some good pictures of that, too.

And I’ve also been experimenting with a thing called “databending”, which is where you take an image, turn it into raw data (.tif file format works best, encoded with U-Law), put that data into Audacity, apply an audio effect to the result, and then retransmit that back into an image file (save as… mp3, but then change it to “other uncompressed formats” and apply your own file type extension).

It’ll turn this photo

she's drinking lemonade.jpg
She’s drinking lemonade.

Into this one

she's drinking databend.png
She’s drinking D A T A B E N D

And this was achieved with a reverb effect over 6 minutes or so of the resulting data’s audio. Quite neat to do! I’ve done this after some fractal stuff in GIMP. So that’s pretty cool, I think. I don’t know what practical use it’s gonna have yet, but hey, it’s a thing.


Sheesh, this comes off of testing out stream stuff in this thing I posted today, too.

But today I remembered music can make me think. Not about 5/20/13 or 5/20/14 or 15 or 16 or indeed 17. I had to be Somewhere Else. So I listened to GH by Deadmau5 again for the first time in a long time and the creative taps opened.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to churn some more out. I’ll take my camera to Pierce, leave my laptop here, and continue about my day with notebook at the ready. It’s a nice break from being buried. Probably been why I’ve been creatively blocked lately. I even got a proper twitter @JakeThomasShaw in my frenzy to expand. Still haven’t used it.

Back to the roots, eh? It’s 10:30 PM here and there’s coffee in my veins.

Think about it. A year ago, did you think you’d be here? I certainly didn’t. Voyagers, Foxes, Apocalypses, Destinations, Drones, and  Psychopaths. I never thought I would ever be here. Made it this far, though. There’s so much more to go.

Thank you for tuning in, once again. Radio Reality City survives off of listeners, for if there’s no one to listen to one interpretation, there’s quite no point in being different people. And then there’s no point to defining reality.

There’s only 73 days left to Year v! So go forth, make stuff, and consume reality!

Radio Reality City!

Self-Published – Journal 1/20/18

One of the extended goals for this year has been slain.

Abandon Ship is out on store shelves, in the Mad Hat Teahouse, and in King’s Books in Tacoma.

A month ahead of schedule, I might add!

I would love to say thank you specifically to Tobin at Mad Hat, for being wonderful to talk to and just generally fun to have made business with. Seriously, what a neat person. Bought the rest of my inventory with two places to pitch to to go. I walked out with some jasmine tea and two dollars more than I walked in with, after selling 5 copies of Abandon Ship.

So if you’re in Tacoma, and like those local arts, I’m now a part of them!

That was Wednesday, and I’ve been riding an incredible burst of high energy since. Poems are shuffling, photos are being taken, and all kinds of projects are in the thick of that sometimes it feels like it’s suffocating, but I’m being suffocated by doing things that I love to do.

So speaking of Radio, one of the things I’m involved with now is attempting to expand on the audio portion of the station. I feel we’ve needed something to listen to around here since I began, but only have I just come up with a way to tie up this whole creative universe.

While wracking my head, I did a demo for a podcasty-type thing that didn’t end up very satisfying for me to make. It’s a 15 minute segment that’s talking about creation, the place of Reality City, along with some bits preprogrammed into the whole format. Recorded it, mixed audio into it, and had a “finished” project all ready to go. Ran it by a friend of mine who told me it needed some work done, so I thought about it some more.

The creative process behind making a podcast isn’t the same as writing a poem. Sure, you’ve got segments, your guests, your format, all that stuff. But it doesn’t tell a story. If I want to dribble about my opinion, I’ll write it out on the Criticisms/Reviews section of the site, or jot them down here. No, podcasts weren’t going to do it for me, but I got an even better idea.

I admit, listening to the little democast is neat to hear the combination of all these elements I’ve put together, but it wasn’t what Reality City is all about. It’s about the City itself, and that’s something I’ve pondered for a long time. How do I put that across?

You’ll have to find out.

To get away from the businessey, projecty side, I’ve been away from journals for a while because I’ve been experiencing a whole helluvalot. Was taken hostage in a pleasant way up to Seattle to have Indian food, and then was shanghaied to Olympia to conquer memories and walk about downtown. Then into Puyallup on Tuesday, and to Tacoma on Thursday, and again yesterday. You can see, its been a busy week. With that is a lot to digest and write about. Instead of writing anything topical, I’ve been writing about other things unrelated to my week, which just means the reaction to it has been delayed somehow. I need to take a moment and severely meditate with some new jasmine tea on the experiences I’ve been having,

If I saw that whole paragraph out of context, I’d think I was a real posh prick.

Anyways, I’m still on about the fact that I have successfully sold my work to people who want to read it. So far, response to it has been above what I ever expected. And I need to figure out what’s next.

And I also need to write more poetry.

I think that’s it for me, this time around, I need to get to lineating something before I go crazy.

Thank you, from The Host of Radio Reality City! For those of you just joining us, and those of you who have been around for a long time!

Consume reality! Radio Reality City!