All my sentiments
Have prices and
Item numbers

Everything can
Come down to
And cents

Every trinket
On my shelf
Every memory
Of every day

At least
If you see it
That way



Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5; 1/30; ISO-400; 24mm

Unworn and Undonated


What use is any of it
to me?

A beanie and a hoodie
hanging in my closet.

The only means, it seems,
they serve to stick
around is to rust and
collect dust
to lose their sheen and
good meanings while

I watch them decay.

Ladder Cage

Ladder Cage

Dust in the wind
Far below the surface

At the ground level of a chasm
With many stories

We drop all the broken things here
That we’ve made

To give us the light to see
Another place outside that’s full of

All the grander things
That we’ve made