Deneb Mythos #4: Captain Scarlett and her Sojurns 1 – The Three Way Deal

Today isn’t a great day for her crew, but it can get better. Explore some of the lower reaches of the Kxzzyxin Sea during the 4th Era under the flag of a modest trading vessel. Agreements can yet be reached when a shipment is stolen.

See the first step in Scarlett Nazareth’s journeys across what is known of the sea in this first story of her saga.

Deneb Mythos #4: Captain Scarlett and her Sojurns 1 – The Three Way Deal


Depthy into the night
Deep conversations
As we descend further
Into darkness

Heartstrings being
Strummed by
Someone with a
Sweet hum

Sap can be bitter
But you’re so tender
No shame in being sappy
While you strum off cinders

And your able fingers
Play me great songs
Hands’ heat confident
Casting embers with friction

Strings shooting sparks
Even as day burns out
Forging by chords
A heart in gold

Depthy into the night
You sweetly hum
Fingers fire the forge
And heartstrings strum

Transparency – Journal 3/27/17

So where was I this weekend? Why, I was in North Bend, Washington, with my lovely girlfriend! Spent the weekend with her. Lotta poems gonna come out of that, for sure. North Bend is absolutely gorgeous, and if you ever get the chance to go through the Snoqualmie Pass, you ought to take it if you’re on a road trip or something.

Took a lot of photos, did some writing, and have to compile it all neatly! That stuff should show up here on Radio Reality City in about May. Maybe. I have a lot to go through.

Whenever I’m not around for a few days, I’m basically away from keyboard. This site isn’t run by a corporation who can schedule shit (even if I can do that myself if I take some time to put some stuff out), and there isn’t so much content that I can endlessly and predictably churn things out.

I’ve fallen into an interesting place where I CAN produce enough to cover posting every day, which is a lot to ask of a creative type. I’m not making songs or films or anything like that, but inspiration can take some days off. I’ve got days where I don’t write anything at all, and I’ve got days where I can take and edit 10 pictures, write 4 poems, and do a short story. That’s enough content to last 15 days, if I post once a day. Still, I don’t depend on those bursts to make up for not having inspiration on other days. I keep on making.

Which, if I also wanted to put up 5 things a day, I would. I’m a little weary of having a stockpile, though. I don’t ever want to run out of stuff to post unless I die and then automatic posting takes over.

So the absence from here will be made up for, I think, with the future stuff I have from this past weekend I’ve made. My wonderful girlfriend, some stuff about Mount Si, some stuff about orange chicken and Indonesian food that we had, and the adventures we’ve had and will have.

Uplifting stuff! I hope you guys enjoy. Eventually.

And about that last journal, where I basically posted my Amazon reviews, I’m gonna try not to do that again. This is what I want a “critiques/reviews” section of my site, is because I think there’s enough stuff I’m interested in that I could review, though I also don’t want to typecast myself as that kind of writer, a critic. We’ll have to see how this goes, but I’m already thinking an in-depth look at something like all-time my favorite movie, Mr. Nobody, would be fucking awesome to do (helps that Jered Leto looks fantastic in that short hair). That could also just be an essay.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not sure what to do about that yet. But that’s okay, as long as a move hasn’t been made yet.

This is my first move: have a journal!

(Sidenote: I really do have a blog now. Fifteen year old me would kick my ass for that.)

Ladder Cage

Ladder Cage

Dust in the wind
Far below the surface

At the ground level of a chasm
With many stories

We drop all the broken things here
That we’ve made

To give us the light to see
Another place outside that’s full of

All the grander things
That we’ve made