Pocket Infinity

Something in the air
A wisp in the cinders
Caught in a wind
Descending killer fog

Electric complexes
Shoot the sky
Intimidating by
Way of light

These bolts of fire
Crisp and uplift
An aura airborne
In alpine force

Inhalation of fractals
Fine dust spinning
Like a spiral galaxy
Suspended interstellar

Cloud complex
Garnished with stars
Flaking in the light
Of these powerful bolts

When they strike
Are set off
Intaking the bold

But their meaning
Is stoic and


Zen Ana

Idea weapons
From legends of old

Slaying demons
Thinking they are so bold

This night is ensured
To grow as legends do
Telling the story
Of demons went through

Maybe I’ll be legendary

A star-writ story
Carved from enduring today

A threshold here
Defending you

Against a horde
Of demons I would

Do whatever
It could take

To become legend
Leaving stars in your sky

To become
Another footnote
In someone
Else’s book

At the bottom
Of a page
I’ll be an

To explain

What I did
And my name

What definitions
My impact has
In this book’s
Chapter’s verse

How the stars
Will be drawn
So long after
I’m gone

While You Were Touching The Second Blackening Sea

While You Were Touching The Second Blackening Sea

A research team
At headquarters

In the operating room
On comm lines

Setting the stage
For a rocket’s take off

White coats running around
Files and phones in hand

Glasses pushed up to
The bridge of the nose

A cosmonaut strapped in
To a frame

An explorer of the galaxy

Solar sails lift
Jets burst

Upwards the chemtrails follow
Spilling smokey energy

To the stars
All the wonders zip by

Still in contact with

Picture the supernovas
The craft passes by

Imagine the
Mother of Invention


Asteroid belts pelting the

Purple cosmic glows
Of infinite zodiac lights

Planets of all kinds
Rings and ice worlds

Stars dotting the expanse
Of forever grasp

Lit like lamps laying
Lazily on their sides

The touch of the heat
In the palm of your hand

A celestial giant lost
To wander in no where

The touch of a human
A voyager on patrol

Solar sails hexagon up
Like honeycomb

When we’re out among
The glowing sea

Of blackening

A giant reaches
A giant touches

Those things that seem
So small so far away

Force the arms through
The cold space winds

Vaccum dust
Quantum atoms influx

Spitfire nebula out the
Left window

Dark matter engines
Who even knows how to work

Forever immersed
In that blackening sea

A consuming shadow
That takes travellers

Lost to wonder like a
Lovecraftian character

Mad, but happy
Crazy and zen

Then again there’s no
Going back home

Comm’s shut down
Long ago

Where’s next?
We drift with

The waves to take
And blacken

As a second coming
Of absolute nothing.

Something’s gone
Like the missing

Sense of songbirds
On a spring day

There’s dust on the
Consoles of a

Spaceship far out in
The ocean

A night flight with
The golden dust of

Far away astrohomes
Leaving behind the

World once known
To drift and see

Endlessly in this

Kinesthetically there
Blackening sea.

Upon Closer Inspection

Upon Closer Inspection

Here lies
A memorial
To commemorate




Among the stars
And old satellites
With the cameras
And sensors

That have long since

Fate has ordained
Those few who have
Gone among the stars
To star among the stars

When we look up
We shall not forget
The souls
Somewhere out there

Who valiantly

In expansion
Of humanity



Sound is rising slowly
Like the foot
Of a wayward giant
Slowly lumbering
Through the pass

From the freeway
Bull beasts on wheels
Roll with the fall
Down the hill
To come back up again

Sounding like warped
Helicopter blades
Distorted in wind
Flying far overhead
A jaw-wired hiss

Into the return
Of curve
Of a wide winding road
With drivers struggling
To stay awake at night

Fistortion of hands
Meatily feeling their
Way while the giant
Groans and breathes
A song of pavement

As if on wheels
A calm grinding noise
Of travel
Off in the distance

Echoing off
The valley walls
And reverberating
Down its hallway
Like a brook

Heavy footsteps
Of a giant
A towering form
In the skeptic-laced skies



Blackening skies
Flakes ablaze
Mist smoky haze
Whispered sunder
Turbulence under

Coursing vitality
Crisp congealed clots
In super hot wind
Acid rain spores

Red at the edges
Teeming ember ends
Nomadic spark nests
Crawl through air
And borders of flare

Until connecting with surface
Eroding and corroding
With quiet displays

Fireworks of grace
Yielding to raze

Descending nebulas
Falling stars

Galactic arms embrace

Spiral entanglement
Of two complex mazes

Memetic juice
Viral reactions
Flowing and rolling in waves
Of riptide firework displays

After eras of watching
And eons of approaching
It hangs eerily
In our blackened skies

Waiting forever
Only a little longer

And with its approach
Ever so near
An orchestra with its
Most beautiful violins
Gets ever so louder

Fearful currents
Of drifting orbits

Fusing valiant galaxies
To the sound of quiet fire
And a chorus
Of rumbling comet orchards

Wavelength Web

Wavelength Web

Every fiber
Pore and spiracle

Crystalline surface
Refractive brilliance
Tensed and flexed
Snapshotted moments

Fluxed gauges of lux
Amperages of electrolysis

Constricting and relaxing
Waves of arc displays
Against a glass frame

Rock elements deluxe

Diffused light rays
Oscillate around the cave

Draconian ripples
Wave around stalagmites
And stalactites

Cave line bulwarks
Heaving aurorae
Billow as quarries
Smoke stacks so floral
Bright points in Lyra

Scintillating in the walls
Little glittering dots
Golden sparkles
Among coal
Ingredients to pull
Rays across ways
Massive cosmic distances

In an echo chamber
Mirror upon mirror
Of sight and sound

Refracts off of
Glistering particles
In jagged stone ramparts


Iridescent echo waves

Surging out
Tinsel chaff
Branching paths
Flowing in swells
Of cosmic
Gas cells

Sweeping signals
Glide over
Station Cygnus

Coded enigmas

Ancient paintings
In a cave

Tides of a current
Galactic occurrence
Universe conflux
Flowing into

Evaporating into

Thinnest air


Blowing Kisses

Blowing Kisses

For desire

Of raptors

Like solariums

Tickling fiber

Glowing connected

Swells crashing

Heliopause boundaries

Past sensations

Grand constellations



A darling tunic
A dress you
Can feel right through it
Buoyant fabric
Caresses and has it
A proper comfort
For your chassis

Obsidian scarf
Spirals around a statue
Sparkling with pinks
And bright blues
Coma cluster art
Dewdrop imbued
Portrait canvas
Modeling glass shoes