Victories phyrric

Position is calm
Until it isn’t

When bearings fly
By automatic fire

Running through mud
And plastic

With boots and

It’s tense and

With no retreat

Then silence

Muscles relax
And we speedload

What time we have
We can’t be sure

Waiting or

Crouched and

For a footstep
By the opposition


Our gear is

Movement is

Right now it’s

And tense
Covered yet clear

Our position is calm
But it won’t be

That way
For very long

Splatter Masquerade

Splatter Masquerade

Another shell loaded
Casings pouring
Brass from the hatch

Kicking back

In the steel cage
Our rolling fortress
Battle we wage

Our wagers

Igniting the brazen
Chasers of sub shock
Incendiary tracers

Bursting forth

From barrels of cannon
Shrapnel box splatters
Surrounding armed tailors

On dashboards

Of brass boards
From turrets and currents
Of thick missile warheads

Ripping through breaches
Simmering off masks

Black powder and sparks soak
Our gaunt splatter masques

Cleaning the leather of cleanliness
Griming the chainmail faces
With toxic propellants

Gas expands

Choking the air with steel
Tendrils gripping the wheel
Of an ironclad beast genteel

Roaring in ire

Furious thundering fires
Disrupt expectant lines
With new cavalry wires

Flamethrowing dragon’s breath
Howling shibboleth

Super hot flares disperse
And bury their grit
Like blitzing drill bits

Exploding into our cockpit

And in our compact fortress
We lead and we dance

And as we can

We fire back



Gleam of the instruments
On the silver platter
Reflect fluorescent photons
And x-ray waves

While the blood on the table
Acts as ink blotters
Whiting out stains of pink
Tearing into the wounds to help

Stitch the pain back together
Weaving skin as a basket
Patching where it can
Pulling where it can’t

Butterfly bandages
Septic wraps
Disinfectants, painkillers
Bullet-riddled plate carriers

Combat medicine in the heat
Of firefights
No one ever asked to be nursed
During vicious times

No matter, not their problem
I am here to heal those
Who have nearly

I am without borders
I have but two allies
The scalpel in my hand
And a pistol on standby

In order to fortify
My office and defend
My patients, my patience
Is unmatched by invaders

Wounds close
Shrapnel extracted
Comrades revived
Crisis protracted

Engaging hallway
Lifting bullets away
From the skin
To stim and unappend

I am your doctor
I am the watcher
Of the fighting fierce
Men who need my aid

Embrace the hurt, my friend
Let it come in its waves
I will nurse you back to health
Get back into action’s fray

I participate to mitigate
Harm done to my squad
I use my allies to quell
The turning tides of battle

In elongated sieges
And shootout scenes
I holster my pistol to defend
And don my gloves for wounds to mend