Lost at the Spaceport

I don’t know
These languages
But I still haggle
My way through
The space station

At the edge
Of the universe

I need food and fuel
So I scrape together
What I can

Hearing stories
Of treasure and adventure

Fuck that

I’ll take
What I can

I just want to be
Not so desperate

To the point of taking
Odd jobs

I’m not a cowboy
But I’ll beebop
My ass to Mars and back
If it means I get some cash

I’m lost at the spaceport
And there’s this stupid robot
Trying to talk to me

Trying to get me to
Buy all kinds of things
For my ship that I don’t need

There’s aliens walking about
My blaster’s on full power
I’m feeling cool on the outside
But my soul has shrunk to cower

Dirty metal of the hangar
Stains my borrowed boots

I found these on a dead man
When I responded
To a distress beacon
So that I could loot

It’s not easy being on the lam
Get complacent and then bam
Some planet’s government has you

So while I can borrow and
Scrape the fuck by

I’ll borrow what I can