Portal to Somewhere Else

In isolation Self-insulated I make a portal to Somewhere else In my locked bedroom I wire the sounds That heave with emotion Like heavy seas spraying Decks of passing ships That makes slick the Oiled wood keeping A simple rigged vessel Afloat I string the lights Like stars and supernovae On the same wavelength AsContinue reading “Portal to Somewhere Else”

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Advanced Research

A muffled dirge Possessive sound Stalking like it’s Sentient An overwhelming Compelling hellfire Felling in Starved echoes A frantic pulse Panicked, enhavocked And beating with Friction so hot Impact injected Directly in shots Gears grind and Servos shift It is it’s own Fuel In an unstoppable Engine Crankshafts Breakbeat Aggression Stokes the heat Dirging likeContinue reading “Advanced Research”

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Gas Mask

Gas Mask Kwooor haah Scent of rubber Kwooor haah A lens of pair Kwooor haah Breathing heavy Kwooor haah Dust of war Kwooor haah Lungs are weak Kwooor haah Sweat is dank Kwooor haah Filter venting Kwooor haah Exhaustion drank Kwooor haah Can’t get enough Kwooor haah Collapsed lungs Kwooor haah Air to breathe KwooorContinue reading “Gas Mask”

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