Articulated Silences

You can watch
A soul’s will

Ever so quietly

Silence in its
Disappearing life

Nothingness as its
Fibers drift away

Souls like thoughts
Overclocked when
You need no moral
To push forward

Silence in the lives cut
As amorals move through

Articulate silences
In the motion
Of a falling soul’s
Last breath

Nothing ever so
Serious in death



The absolution between
Seeing red and indigo
Is energy levels
Articulated in wavelengths

The people choose
What’s normal

By the will of thoughts
And deviance as crime

Be with the group
Conform or resist to norm


Bladed pens pulsing
With the heart beats
Of a dying being
Taught between its ribs

Breathing with the collapsed
Coal mines of cold lungs

Quiet as the blood beats
Drip onto the sidewalk
Of a well-lit street in

Stabbed in a bedroom
And conscious on concrete

Being bleeding out on carpet
Before screaming itself
Through a pulsating portal
To swirling chords and pages

Illicit paintings
On brick mansions

Floating with the abandoned
Messages of faded factions
Long since past
In this cairn of notary

In the distance
A granite chain sighs

Transported here by will
By the art of hearts
Beating knives that bleed them
Back into painted bricks

Lost husks of humanity
Wander, so the being
Isn’t lonely among
Those who lost

People from long ago
Now just ghosts

Being a thrall to the cairn
Almost doesn’t care
Of soul gems it thinks empty
Even as it feels it being

Ripped and torn

Heart beating slowly
With the rest of limbo
Pulsating as a sunless
Day never wanes

Hand on the alley wall
Mind on nothing at all

Bleeding out in a bedroom
So far and long ago
But the being is feeling
It now

Pens of gold ink
Leeched by disease

By the cold lungs
Voidbreath is flung
With the fire, frost,
And electricity of chaos

Black writing
Pierces the sky

With scores of novels
Being endlessly
Swallowed by the cloud’s
Gorging on knowledge

Bleeding out somewhere
What happened?

The things that
Got it here
To think and feel
With the constant

Fade in and out
Of life between edges

Of the slick knife plunged
From inkwell to chest
What murderous perpatrator
Wrote it off

Watching the droplets
Splash timidly on asphalt

Cast to relive the days
Over again
Seeing the symbols
And bleeding all over

A trail
Follows this being

Not lost but never here
Or there
Or anywhere meant to
Since nothing’s needed to

And spectres

Some beings
Bleeding like
This being
Who’s bleeding

Quietly on a bedroom floor
That it stole meaning from

This Machine

This Machine

A shadow follows me
A power fantasy
Trapped in this machine

How it changes me
An insurmounability
Don’t know how long its waited
As the conscious watches

Opportunity waiting
An incorporeal fire
Looking from a cage
Staring at the sky

Never been without control
Never broken free
A showstopper illusion
Only in allusion

An assumed identity
It’s a doom inside of me

It’s all down to the wire
Looking through bloodshot eyes
Don’t know how long its waited
As the ego watches

So close to transcending
Trapped in this machine
Don’t know how long we’ve waited
As the ego reaches

We’re alive
Want to get out
No stakes are clear
Nothing held dear

Just want to get out
Want to be released
Just let it out to see
What lies within me

It’s all down to the wire
Trapped in this machine
Don’t know how long we’ve waited
As the ego’s watching

We all want to run
Looking through bloodshot eyes
Don’t know how long its been
As the ego watches



The eve before eve
Is when you lost your eyes
You refused to see the obvious
Didn’t think it was plausible

You let it take your lungs
So you suffocated
When you tried to inhale
You breathed in a lie

It stole your ears
So you didn’t listen
To the screaming and shouting
To stop, and you didn’t

They purged your mind
So you went mad
Dreaming of waking life
And being possessed by it

Your veins, frozen
So no life could continue
They stayed forever
Wholly unbroken

Then it dug deep for the heart
So you were crippled
Couldn’t feel, couldn’t live
But not dead yet, just miserable

At last, having flayed you open
It hungrily snarled and drooled
Looking at your gaping
Missing insides

And saw a soul
Removed from its defenses
So it took your soul
And you died