Articulated Silences

You can watch A soul’s will Evaporate Ever so quietly Silence in its Disappearing life Nothingness as its Fibers drift away Souls like thoughts Overclocked when You need no moral To push forward Silence in the lives cut As amorals move through Articulate silences In the motion Of a falling soul’s Last breath Nothing everContinue reading “Articulated Silences”

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Bladed pens pulsing With the heart beats Of a dying being Taught between its ribs Breathing with the collapsed Coal mines of cold lungs Quiet as the blood beats Drip onto the sidewalk Of a well-lit street in Downtown Stabbed in a bedroom And conscious on concrete Being bleeding out on carpet Before screaming itselfContinue reading “Kleptomaniac”

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This Machine

This Machine A shadow follows me Other-dimensionally A power fantasy Trapped in this machine How it changes me An insurmounability Don’t know how long its waited As the conscious watches Opportunity waiting An incorporeal fire Looking from a cage Staring at the sky Never been without control Never broken free A showstopper illusion Only inContinue reading “This Machine”

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