Alter Egoes

The everyman is
Consumed by the need
To don a new

Think they can be
With a mask, a cape
And a new name

Think that a cause
Can be elevated
By having some titles
In groups they made

And with each conflict
Or obstacle, the
Effects of individuals
Become more residual

As a hero’s power
Wanes on its own
They form these leagues
To ‘better protect’ us

Making masks out of cardboard
And creating machines in
Their homes to help defend
The names of their cause

No purse-snatching thieves
Stalking the streets
Now we’re all weary of the
Self-proclaimed ways

Destroying and taking
All the live long day
While we all strive to
Make a better place

These crimes are in
The name of progress
We say we must resist
Those who set society

And yet they don’t fight
With their personalities
They fight as our groups
As our super hero leagues

Buildings burned by cocktails
We become more drunk by the
Meaning behind molotovs as
They scorch clashing ideologies

Freedom of speech
Means freedom to disagree
But it’s taken to mean
That others are enemy

Systems suffer ever more
By unchecked masks and
Their power to move
Entire cities to knees

They’ll never be pleased
No amount of money
Or support will justify
Them feeling injusticed

At the end of the day
Their masks are removed
And they walk among us
Like the average citizen

But they still need to ‘win’
Be more than unsatisfied
With the things their
Actions desperately justify

In a world increasingly
Neglecting what’s personal
To feel unique they only
Show their alter egoes


There wasn’t much
Discussed at all

Communication is
The last bastion
That falls
When things die off

I had to remake
Your memory

Maybe we don’t enjoy
Who we are now
And we only exist
In nostalgia

In memory
Use it or lose it

And you lost it
I showed you
84 pages of mine

Static and white noise
Turned tangible poise

It rocked something
Rocked it so hard
You ended up not
Wanting the reminder

Which is fine
I never wanted to hurt

But something in you
Couldn’t contain
Memories like
I’ve trained to

Which is a shame
I hope you’re okay

No one deserves a
Shockwave like pages
To remind you of
The you forgotten