Cold Californian 10

Afterburners of a jet
Set behind me as I walk
From the terminal
To a terminus
Devoid of me for five
Lonesome years

With the jet set sun
Setting high in the sky
As I find my way
Down the I-5 into highland
After passing through roads so red
With the land before

Of deserts
Of cradles
Of skies never cloudy
Or dreadful grey

Never expected to set back down
And land upon a world scarred
With five long years of history
I could now learn from perspective
Turning that time into ten
Longer eras I bathed in

I bathed in the heat
I bathed in memories
That never would
Belong to me now
That I had been gone
For that long

What I did remember was
The shortest distance
Between two points
And the line that
Cut that time and space
Into halves

The fall
From north
To south
Three hours long
Enough to sever apprehensions
That kept me five years away

Now that there are ten years
Of history here
I thought it was my right
To put them back together
Underneath an afterburner of
A California sunlight



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Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/32; 1/200; ISO-400; 43mm. 10/21/2017 4:24 PM. San Bernardino, California.

One of the worst photos I’ve ever taken. Blemishes on the lens, flaring, and maybe some things in focus that shouldn’t be. Ah. Whatever. I like it.


Woke up this morning
Saw the rising sun
Set over foothills and build
An empire inland

It set an island
Of drought
On fire and slashed
The trees down

It scarred the sand
Black and painted
Lines on
Sunshot roads

Driving down Palm Ave
And doing burnouts on Boulder
Savage sprints on the 10
And down Base Line

80 in a 50
Past the deserts
On new bridges built
Every five years

That’s the
Speed of the sun
What an S2K can do
In a weekend

Sunshot in a haze under
California clouds
Drinking smog
And breathing dust

Windshields cracking
On fucked up streets
And lenses flaring
When we try to see

Blinding speed
Shot light
Speeding cars