Ancestral Shrines

I’m trying to invoke the spirit of autumn
With you
Trying to tie up all these loose threads
And bind rocks together
In the shrines we’ve built
Out in the woods
To remember what
We’ve left behind

Never dying like
Those falling leaves

Just another place to worship
How we got to where we are
Before we move on

Guilty Pleasure – Journal 6/4/17

Weird how in a society that fosters the creation of some (to others) weird shit, you can be interested in that but be self-conscious of letting anyone else know it’s something you’re interested in.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jake Thomas Shaw and I fucking love ‘Shots’ by LMFAO.

I think a lot of people could do with letting loose of some of that shit that makes us nervous to show other people. Let me draw a clear line, things like fetishes and that are definitely not what I’m talking about. I’m definitely not talking about the truly depraved and immoral parts of society. I’m not representing Ted Bundy by saying ANYTHING that follows.

I’m talking about how I turn the volume down on my stereo when I’ve got anyone riding passenger and how I don’t show an awful lot of my stranger poetry outside of directly here. Guilty pleasures.

LMFAO is definitely one of mine. Silly, fucked up, stupid as hell fun music is what I like. And at the same time I’m not so into it that I’d own it if someone I really respected caught me blasting my stereo to “I’m In Miami, Bitch”. But I really actually honest to god like it! Maybe I should just let that be. It’s the danger in associate is what I’m afraid of.

I’ve never waxed political or said anything public that establishes anything that I could call my religious beliefs, because I think once I do something tying myself to a group I can automatically be associated with the best and the worst that group has to offer. Do I want to do that to myself?

Used to be, I thought it was cool to be atheist, and then I graduated middle school and realized that the world is a lot more nuanced. I was once a democrat, I think. Once again, I graduated middle school and quickly realized that that’s how I become a target to anyone else.

Go take a look on Reddit at r/The_Donald. No doubt full of people who genuinely believe in the sanctity of our current president, but also a haven for some incredible demonstrations of hypocrisy by false-flaggers and internal politics. Similarly, if you don’t support a Trump presidency, r/MarchAgainstTrump has you covered.

There is no middle ground. And if you haven’t picked a side, their dick waving competition still shows up on your feed somehow. It’s really intense how a vocal minority of extremists can overpower the collective voice of an entire ideology. I WONDER IF ANYONE ELSE HAS EVER FACED SUCH THINGS.

Fuck, I’m definitely not riding a high horse, but I doubt I could seriously improve my life situation if I gave away my Sundays to Sabbath or attended political events. Church is great for community reasons, and local politics is, too. But every organization ever, everything ever created is flawed because it was made by people. Some shit’s gonna go down somewhere, and I’m pretty comfortable if I can control when that happens.

I’ve only ever said I’m perfect in complete facetiousness, because as Red Vs. Blue has taught me, nobody is better at hating me than I am.

In this increasingly obscure world of genders decided by the individuals, a confederacy of dunces ruling the free world, and incredible religious paranoia, why the fuck would you ever feel comfortable picking a side? I’m asking that rhetorically, because I don’t think I could ever be convinced to be a part of anything that wasn’t already just a thousand of clones of me. Me and my army could get a lot of shit done, and probably a lot quicker than anything going on in a widely known group at the moment.

“Shut the fuck up” says Filthy Frank and his Pink Guy set, because seriously. Who cares? It’s all just a big joke.

This is where I expose a little more of my George Carlin influence and say I’m prepared to die at any fucking moment because I can maintain my own happiness. I haven’t met anyone else who could seriously say they’d be fine being t-boned while crossing a busy street like I do, routinely. I don’t need the lord, but I respect people who enjoy his presence. I don’t follow world politics nearly as closely as some people I know because I don’t need to.

As The Comedian in The Watchmen taught us, it’s all just a big joke. Who the hell really cares?

I try to wake up every day with moxie in my heart, and a legitimate desire to make the people around me laugh for whatever fucking reason they can. Why walk around with a bunch of bad juju hidden in your head?

“Remember when the music just felt so good? I don’t know where we went wrong. We’ve gotta bring back that feeling…”

Sure, I have goals I want to reach in what I have of my lifetime, but I am so happy generally that I’d be okay with that ending sooner than expected. I have tomorrow planned, and that’s it.

So my guilty pleasure is listening to LMFAO really fucking loud when I’m driving because it’s funny, it makes me feel good, and I know all the lyrics to “Sorry For Party Rocking”.

But I also understand that perhaps a matter of perspective says I’ve got it pretty good right now. I don’t know. Nobody is better at hating me than I am.

“Wintery haze
Of sneaking shards of silver
Hide in the air
As morning mist
To keep beasts at bay”

This excerpt above is from a poem I wrote yesterday titled “Lithium Autumn”, and it includes a stanza that is most likely one of the greatest things I have ever written. Pretty happy to see that one on the horizon.

Alright, I think that’s enough late night with Jake. Have a good evening everyone, and remember, pretty soon the Earth and the stars and everything will cease to exist entirely and none of this will have ever done anything ever!

That should be a statement of comfort. Go out and be you.




We are all reincarnations of each other

In time, brahman exists in all of us at this particular point
We are all brahman, in this point of time, and we are all each other

We are all reincarnations of each other

I am you, and you are me

Shelled off by each other by individual souls,

Yet what lies beneath is the pure

Pure is in all of us

We are all pure

No one is pure

No one is different

I may die, and reincarnate into someone that may see a past life of me
I may die, and reincarnate into everyone, unbeknownst to me intellectually

We are all dead, and you are all me

We have all died, and this place we’re in is everywhere I’ve been

You are me
I am you

We are all reincarnations of each other
Sitting beside the other in time

The past, present, and future
Blend into one, it doesn’t matter

Because I have died and become all of us

I have died, and spawned all of me

We are all reincarnations

Different, but the same

Dead and alive, past and present


We are all one, and the one is the one
That died and created us over and over again

To the Extended Family

To the Extended Family

So I’m not a “good Christian boy”

So what?

Good Christian boys are boring
If the only characteristic
To put in their title is “Christian”

So I don’t pray or kneel
To your God or your Christ
Or your Bible stories

I don’t feel the need
To change for anything
For any other better other than
The better that I want

So what I don’t believe
In the thing you do?
“Faith” doesn’t make
Or break a character
In real life

Nor does belief in a book
Or its words

I’m not God fearing
I don’t have a “faith”

I like my free Sundays
And unregime
And my freedom to be

As the rest of you
Seem to think my girlfriend
Deserves a good Christian boy
Instead of me,
I would and only want the best
For her

And that’s why I’m here,
And that’s why I’m hers

Because I’m a jaunty,
Unconstrained, expressive,
Driven, unrelenting
Young man

Keep disapproving
And gossiping behind
My back

A “good Christian boy”
Would turn pale
On a pedestal
In comparison
To the likes of me

Ki Gauss Plyometrics

Ki Gauss Plyometrics

Gauss gauss gaussgaussgaussgaussgauss
Gunned by
Magnetic pistons
Forcing out
Fast payloads
Going at a record breaking brand new speed
Ripping sound
Velocity bound
Careen through
Bullets hew
Fixing new
Steel screws
Riveting blue glass
Kinetic force casts
Immovable object grades of match