Rather Formal

Rather Formal Us gentlemen are rather formal, seeing as how us Gentlemen abandoned our alma mater. Us Gentlemen stalk cobble streets as we threaten Commonfolk; bearing our bloodied fists, us Gentlemen yell blighted shanties and Drain the bar’s barrel of its disease. Well Us gentlemen play instruments to morrow’s tune, and Us gentlemen will perishContinue reading “Rather Formal”

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Psychedelic Corruption: A Lyric

Psychedelic Corruption: A Lyric Ignorance is bliss Solitude in expanding spheres The truth is crushing and hurts Slipping away into yellow rivers Swirling crowds and Insane individuals Seeking enlightenment Finding only mist Canoes and rowboats drift Oars and ‘or’s floating away Waves and pools rift With no ferry or toll to pay Uncertainty and exacerbationContinue reading “Psychedelic Corruption: A Lyric”

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