‘Till death do us part

But the death of what?
What’s dead?

What’s the thing
On the butcher’s block,
Or in the
Pyre pit,

Or drowned in the ocean,
Waterlogged and bloated


Murdered and tied to
A cinder block
At the bottom of
A river

If it’s neither of us
Taking it’s place
In the grave

“As long as we both
Shall live”

Yet what are we?


Who’s to say
When divorce rates
Are climbing
Where a fault
In our promise is

Promise Ring

Promise Ring

I promise
to always
be supportive.
To never loose
in support.

I promise
to never
be absent.
Unless you want me to
I will never leave.

I promise
to always
be close.
To keep you on mind
and love you the most.

I promise
to never
go blind.
If only because
you’re so beautiful.

I promise
to always
feel dreamy.
You still don’t seem
real to me.

I promise
to never
not think of you.
To never not
happily daydream.

I promise
to always
be overwhelmed.
By thinking of you
and your brilliant self.

I promise
to never
be ignorant.
Of your fantastic mind
and gorgeous ideas.

I promise
to always
I’ll always lend an ear
and hear your voice.

I promise
to never
think elsewhere.
As I have you, I’ll
never need anything else.

This is the best
promise ring
anyone can afford.

The only thing
we should afford,
an only thought
of being yours.