Gaia’s Hatred

I am a hungry mass of rock.
I am the ground upon
which you walk.
I heave and speed
through bright neighborhoods,
and cater to your needs
and wants.

I am this force, I am this nature,
I am the apocalypse
and proud life taker.
To rid of sickness,
these steel contraptions,
I heat and cool,
and cultivate disease.
To wipe pestilence
from decaying leaves.

I have many tattoos.
My friends can see
from light years away,
the scars and gashes,
my fingerprints massive,
and how my hands hold
orbit and dance with
the sun.

I could call this arm
a ballroom with nodes
of rock and asteroid brushing
up my arms, and a moon
always following;
from my own young body
was carved.

I am legion to this tribe,
I am harbinger to the song
of life I let live too long
without pruning or
a cull.
To let satisfy these things
I have been colonized
as the place to be by
forces I can’t describe.

They will one day
be so thankful.


Ares 5

Sand world
Shattered nebula
Surrounds it

Like an atom smashed
Explosion stretching
Across clouds and
Melted glass revolutions



In Saturn’s rings of rocks
Jutting out of planes
Of fury and fission

Were the flames of juries
And their fatal decisions

Sat atop spires, and ever admired
Were executioners
Who ever burned in fire

Which they walked through
To carry out what was due