Deneb Mythos #4: Captain Scarlett and her Sojurns 1 – The Three Way Deal

Today isn’t a great day for her crew, but it can get better. Explore some of the lower reaches of the Kxzzyxin Sea during the 4th Era under the flag of a modest trading vessel. Agreements can yet be reached when a shipment is stolen. See the first step in Scarlett Nazareth’s journeys across whatContinue reading “Deneb Mythos #4: Captain Scarlett and her Sojurns 1 – The Three Way Deal”

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Captain’s Log (feat. Kasey Coser)

Captain’s Log (feat. Kasey Coser) I like your music, but not enough to pay! After a heist, we’re off to the bay! Then there we know we’ve had a good day! You are a pirate! We really don’t mean offense to you! When we find something we think is cool, it’s about time to “addContinue reading “Captain’s Log (feat. Kasey Coser)”

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Classic Piracy

Classic Piracy Out to the waves we voyage Sails high and figurehead poised Full of rum and all with gun Without authority, we have more fun Free to sail wherever we please Pilliaging royalty of their reales Shouting conditions, gunsmoke in air Fire on ships, with water everywhere We praised our devil of the oceanContinue reading “Classic Piracy”

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