Lakeview Reflections July 2017

lakeview reflections july 2017.jpg

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lakeview reflections july 2017.jpg

Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/5; ISO-400; 18mm



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Shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; f/5.6; 1/400; ISO-400; 18mm.

I took this one in Seattle, of course. Such a haven for large buildings and skyscrapers that dwarf anything else. This was one of the photos in which I suspected a stuck pixel existed… and there is a bright red pixel on the same spot of every photo I’ve taken recently. So there’s that!

What Android Eyes Saw

what android eyes saw.jpg

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what android eyes saw.jpg

Source = Capitol Lake: April 2017: Processed using the DeepDream AI, contrast enhanced and slightly desaturated with Picasa 3, image upscaled using the waifu2x AI. 3242p X 2160p.

[This image was created as a companion to the poem “Lithium Autumn” (release TBD)]

Art House Tasteful

I’d love to have you
Strip down
And take photos of you

Posing and exposed
Unclothed bit by bit

In black and white
Lit up by lights
On a stage to be free
Ensnared intimately

Dancing and moving
By yourself so grooving
Smiling for the camera
Every bit so bright

It only tastes less
When you’re not here
Beckoning wonder

Let’s have some gel filters
Pop your shadows
Fade your peaks
And tickle you pink

I want to frame you
Make art of you
Show the world you’re sexy
Show ’em your heart

Waxing moon
Pale screscent thighs
Making up in lingerie
Inviting with your risque eyes

Let the flash catch your brash
Shake your unreal ass

Take it off
But by bit
Let the lights
Shoot through like glass

Frozen in a photo
Snap shot like a photon

I want to see you like
No one else can
Make an image
More than words and

Capture more than

Have a gallery of fantasy
A thousand words per photo
Of you unclothed and proud
Smiling and showing off