Olympia Excursion – 11/30/18

capitol lake november 2018

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hollow building
Hollow tower.
wes anderson apartments
Apartment complex.
capitol nov 2018
Legislative building. A must.
capitol lake november 2018
“The” shot I always get.
capitol lake focus
Everything is so out of focus.
draining trees
Tree of summer death.



Olympia October
Puyallup in April

It’s all senseless

We’re both passengers
In a seasonal vehicle

Each sidewalk step
Kicks up loose pieces
Of eroded concrete gravel

Skittering down sparsely
Crowded stalking streets

Oly is fearless except
When she’s not

Vulnerability is a constant

Olympia might be corroding
But she’s also consumed

By things exhumed beneath
The asphalt and grass
Thoughts permeating through
The nightlife

Moons burning to black
Ashes in our mouths
And the smoke billows
To a cloudless sky

While we speak we lie
That we’re both not
Hiding ulterior

Ambivalent mist
Floats thick, miles away

Oly October

Just like the city, she’s

Not off, like the way you feel
walking down certain streets
downtown in the capitol city,
but different. A new flavor
of a coffee from Burial Grounds.

A book you never saw before,
In Bower’s library.

Indeed, a store or spot
that you never really had
visited yet, even through what
you’ve said.

You’ve been “up and down this place,
and know it like the back of
the hand”. For certain, but even
then no history can make up
for raw exploring. Don’t you
love it here?

You couldn’t count every
falling leaf in October
just like you could never
know what you don’t know
about your favorite city.

You have to find out. Be as
vulnerable as you first were,
when you were afraid of getting
mugged that one time on
3rd Street, and how uncertain
it felt to be out at night like
that for the first time.

You have to find out.

Photographer Nine

photographer nine

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photographer nine
Canon 1000D, 1/400. ISO-800, 18mm. 1/15/2018, 3:33 PM.

You brought me along
To your version
Of where my life
Was manufactured

Where I was
Taken apart
And put back

So you stand
In the frame
Of the stakes

Of making
Your way
Into my


Bad air hangs over Olympia.

Be it from the lake,
the waterfront,
the alleys,
or on the hill
where law claims capitol.

There lives a wraith somewhere.

It manifests to infect newbloods
with its promise of risk, how it
renders silent the cacophonous mist
that is each participant in the
mysticism and illusion of this
such wonderous existence.

The spirit of the city.

How free it flies.
How it wears no guise.
How it clouds and drowns
the weak exposed to it.
How it galvanizes and uplifts
the fortunate, moonlit.
Eidolon hidden among
throngs of crowds,
sights and sounds
Even in a new age
its specter
the same old way.

Still possesses everything
in a fog of smoke and words
that murmur as you pass by
with silhouette’s eyes fixed,
each narrow iris, like spies
staring through space and time.

You enter downtown to leave,
but its air never ceases to be
as you continue to breathe it in
many realities after leaving.

Miasmata like incense in your
plague mask.

Legendary – 4/21/18

I’m feeling very in Indigo this week.

Since we left, I was talking about a lovely little SL1 I picked up on Craigslist, and I’ve already put it to work in the city of Olympia! That’s right! I went and did SLAM poetry stuff! In a place that wasn’t Pierce! So that’s unironically hella exciting.

You might notice a lot of stuff going on around here, because Radio Reality City has gone absolutely fucking mental with content. I think this week I was able to use the Monarch, do video, photograph, write poetry, a short story, make audio, and render a bunch of it! Not to mention the redesigns, good god, I’ve taken more time to make stuff around here work, and that’s meant upgrading the ‘Images’ page as well as the Poetry one. And a new Videos page for all that stuff. The Olympia Trip is the second one to go up, but the first one that’s done in a (hopefully) production manner. I planned stuff for once.

Also now noticeable, a dedicated place for news from Reality City. That’s going to become increasingly important as Year V approaches. I highly recommend you check it out if this meta bullshit isn’t your thing, because that’s where you can hear all about where I report from.

As such, the station has seen an influx of energy, inspiration, and general goodwill towards man. Hopefully that turns into art.

So, I’ve currently crossed off 3 out of 10 places I want to go with the Monarch before 2018’s end. Idealistically before Year V begins, but let’s be honest, that’s not going to happen by August. Alder Lake, Ellensburg, and Olympia are all down. Done. Over it. Sayonara. The next two most likely up and ready to go are Puyallup and Tacoma.

Seattle is the third most-desired. But that is going to require much more coordination than the openness of Alder Lake.

Today, to fuel Indigo thoughts, I’m listening to a Kauf song that’s been remixed. I highly suggest checking it out, as its constancy is fueling my creative engine this evening.

This is a short one this evening. Not a lot has changed on the front end, but the back end’s capability is increasing exponentially.

Hope you’ve had a lovely evening, and consume reality!

Radio Reality City!