ON 1: Revelation

I wish to be under an Orange blanket on the couch I want you to be Leaning against me Getting comfortable In my arms While you’re cold and Pull me close to warm you Outside on a bench At midnight There’s a slight gust Of bloody nostalgia You wish for warmth I tolerate the coldContinue reading “ON 1: Revelation”

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Olympia Nights

Olympia Nights (ON) is a collection of poems I’ve written about my experiences in Olympia over the last three years, with the people, nightlife, temptation, and strange things I’ve found there. Coming out on September 21st for $1, it’ll be featuring Inferno In Stillness, Mizu Moyase, Bloom, and 55 more! Pre-order/purchase here! The themes ofContinue reading “Olympia Nights”

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Recreational Scowling – Journal 8/3/17

New lens arrived. Having 6 times the power of my old lens is a little intimidating, and it has also taught me that I definitely need a new tripod to keep the thing steady. So that’s part of tomorrow’s conquests! In other news, British Columbia is burning down, and now Puyallup looks like San BernardinoContinue reading “Recreational Scowling – Journal 8/3/17”

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