Nighttime Hours

Did you feel the noise
Did you watch with poise
All the girls and boys walking down
The lake paths lit by light on spikes
Being stabbed by pikes
Making waves in the lengths of the lake’s still water
There’s so much to see that we wish we were taller
But we can drive down freeways and see what signs say
30 miles away
20 miles away
Then 10, then 2, then
One away from being able to be part of the hour
Can feel the rush
Can drink the power
Full of chemicals that taste like copper
When you’re heart’s pounding so fast it could never falter
Like the pulse of your chest keeps you standing
And lets you recover from each footstep landing harsh
On the back of gravel trails that wail with a crunch
With each passing moment without fail
Dispersed aside like a dispelled lie of conspiracies
That the moon can see tracks from astronauts
Still it’s so easy to trust in words
Even when they come from different worlds
So overwhelming intended messaging
Drowning in the meanings of consequences
Back to the lakeside path
Not much has changed but it’s only been a second
That lasted longer than it had the right to
Perception is a thing that lends its might to
As the energy in a cup of coffee empty
On the floor of the backseats ignored
Now passed through your veins and talks
To your heart to show you its ways
Without even knowing what a soul feels like
You make an illusion to make loud the quiet
It could be a trick but you’d never know
You have to play your part and trust in the show

Power Outage on Meridian

A shopping block fell dark
And quiet on
A saturday night

I was restless and decided
To brave the blackness,
So struck by its danger

When the lights are out
The hardy and edged
Appear to rout

Back the honest
With paranoia and fear
Of the dark

Go home, they said,
It’s closing time
For the day

Yuletide Cyanide

Stress, and

Here I lie
And consumed
By you

Being bruised
And bled
Like I’ve wandered
Into your web

Skin soft like flakes
That fall outside
How it gives to the touch
And how it melts with me

Wrapped up as I’m
In your cocoon
Bandaging me in slik
Spun of cyanide

Bruised neck
Paralyzing my stem
To the core
Of where petal beds bloom

Red like roses
And thornstress poised
To stoke desire

Rooted in the soil
Of worlds of blankets
The world
We make love upon

Stayed quiet

Of yuletides and spookiness
Of ghosts that creep through
Halls of my home
In the dead of Christmas morning

Empire of Stars

Every which way
All cardinal sins
And directions
Lit to horizon

With networks
Grids, webs
Of light points
All actioning

Some static
Some twinkle
And some move
As red or white

They’re all miles away
And void
Where the mountains
Become steep

Hazy as nebulae
And as they become
Further away
They grow smaller


We say night is so
Yet where else do we

Being able to see
Autumn and winter

I will always trade in
City lights
For a single tree
Colored with fire

Better than the black
Nighttime delivers
I love more the
Ash laid to gutters

Dead leaves
More wonderful
Than these
Clockwork streets

Night strikes every day
But the best seasons
Only have half a year
That I can see

Still night infects
November’s time

But I love to see the breeze
Cold as can be but
By the frozen sun
I can see the quiet trees

Glasses For Masks

I’m a ghoul
And a jewel
I die every night
And revive every day

I’m a ghost
I boast
Of fine

When you
See me in the sun
Is what’s run
From lobotomies

At dusk
High energy
So relaxed
Becomes tensed

So a mask forms
And outfits made
To scorch seedy
Dark chills

When I come alive
Hot still with the thrill
Of wearing a mask
I put on sunglasses

To betray the day
Rising before me
Staying high energy

Between the worlds
Of content and excite

I put on sunglasses
To survive until night

Cutis Anserina

Existential starlight
As the night
Bows in twilight

Soot of a black air
Is slowly swept away

Through the
Snoqualmie Pass

Over Teneriffe’s teeth
And North Bend valley peaks

Embers of Sol
Burn Ellensberg’s soul

As the visible spectrum
Scorches the grass

Into Yakima Valley
This twisting path

And the sun rises
Wiping the cold

Cool darkness
From your skin

As purple becomes pink
Hot reds melt nightish blues

And the warmth rises
Like wings to tomorrow

Day has been broken