Asymmetrical Relationship

asymmetrical relationship.jpg

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asymmetrical relationship.jpg

Sony Alpha 6300; f/14; 1/80; ISO-100; 18mm. 8/8/2018 6:24 PM.

We didn’t have to fly at Lake Crescent to remember how long it took for us to get here. Not one bit. Corruptions by an outdated program help to clang everything into perspective.

Our Mountain’s Siege


Place picked apart
Piece by piece
By a glacial

Letting forests
Like moss creep

Ice jacked
Cracks in the
Granite greybacks

Slow saw chain teeth
Cut as earth breathes

As some mountain pass
Gaps fill with glass
An argent surface
Of liquid canvas

Pouring water falls
Against an eternal siege

Trees of Silence

trees of silence

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trees of silence

Shot with an iPhone 5s; f/2.2; 1/2053; ISO-32; 4mm. 6/25/16 4:28 PM.

In the shadow of Mount Baker, there is a lake, and a river, and an outlet. In that outlet is a wide pond, with beaches below the surface of the water, where trees grow and mirror themselves as they mature.


There are so many questions
And each is more difficult

You can only reach a
Certian point of understanding

Before you realize
Understanding for its own sake

Is meaningless

There’s a fulcrum where
You reach a peak

You move and do
And put verbs behind words

Suddenly asking questions
Isn’t needed anymore

Because at this point
In your path

You know what to do

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