An old woman tends the garden
Outside the duplex lunarium

A small yard fenced in
With soil and pebbles

A large telescope sticks
Out the top of an attic
Converted into an
Observation tower

Inside is one bed
Where the whole family sleeps
A knock at the door
And the house awakens

You were stirring when I woke you
And now you’re stretching
Bright eyed with a sweet face
And couldn’t be more alive

Claustrophobic breakfast now
Sunbeams shine through windows

I’d love to stick around
If there’s room for me
I’d love to take you out
If you’d go out with me

You’re warm when
The sun goes away
Curtained by clouds
And the drops rain

Your hand is a comfort
Outside the house
In the meadows
Across a lake from the city

We’re so far away
But again and again
We’re drawn to the house
To the lunarium

To tend to its gardens
Ecstatic wardens
And carefree as can be
So paradoxically

So Cal Lunar

I earnestly
Miss the moon

As it was more
Commonly called
Luna in
So Cal skies

How it looked new
As a dialated pupil

And when it was full
So jeweled and bold

Waxing demelting
Waning and fading

But now I can’t
See it anymore

In cloudy, rainy

Skies still have
A great allure

Yet the crystal eye
No longer burns

Upon Closer Inspection

Upon Closer Inspection

Here lies
A memorial
To commemorate




Among the stars
And old satellites
With the cameras
And sensors

That have long since

Fate has ordained
Those few who have
Gone among the stars
To star among the stars

When we look up
We shall not forget
The souls
Somewhere out there

Who valiantly

In expansion
Of humanity

Persona Non Grata

Persona Non Grata

What essence does stardust hide
When confidence yet not confide in
To the gazers on heavenly Earth,
A brazen, rash display of disturbed

A broken quadtet on paper music
All the meaning flows on through it
Listeners all around from the Earth
Speak to touch the notes on knew it

Whence majesty is hidden away,
Embers of fires from yesterday,
The cold people from the Earth
Wondering what disastrous event has come first

Eyes see shattered glass in the midst of their destruction
Legs crumble under every obstruction
Will is sheared as a sheep for wool
And naked fear stands in the way of a shell

What presence, what merit has a night to claim
When the moon is away from her domain?
No music, no fire can bring back a life
For will of the tyrant is the shell’s own mason

Dishonored, the people blame
The moon’s absence for their own shame
Silly to think a mortal mind could offend
A goddess who’s trifles are saved for no men

With moon engaged, and sun gone
The people look skyward to the stars that shone on
Night will remain as spectacular as before
Only missing the jewel of a day’s hard work

When busy, my moon, think not of the people,
Your worries, your troubles, are far more dear
The people will wait, and the night will remain awesome,
The stars will shine on, but will always wait for you

Thine might and right will carry on
Looking into the night every chance he can get
For however enblazed the stars are
Nothing will stand to the goddess, and that right

Organically Spiritual Moon Rocks

organically spiritual moon rocks

Organically Spiritual Moon Rocks

There were three rocks in a field
Where the flowers around them grew
An endless wonder waiting weld
Where it all came from, no one knew

Three ghosts once went to the moon
From Luna they each took a gift
A souvinier to take home soon
A piece of something not to miss

When they arrived on the Earth
They created a magic place
Where nothing was ever birthed
Save for plants who grew unerased

Nightshade and dandelions
Never friends, or companion
Shook hands and settled on
Found in them to show compassion

The rocks were placed by each other
Gifts from Luna come to rest
A triangle in a field, not another
Moon rocks in this place, the best

That was years ago
Too many moons passed away
A place that no one would know
A place full of good and light’s day

Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks

There is a field far away from here
With a pink sky and orange clouds
Where flowers bloom yellow and red
Where butterflies roam and spread

Here the concrete blocks rest
People come to them every day
But the blocks quietly observe
As people go on with their way

In deep cover, under mystical guard
The blocks were left here as a gift
Ancient relics left and made to stay
For years they’ve talked to all of us

So come with me to the concrete blocks
Where no one will hear us talk
Except for the others, who are very special
And even they can keep all kinds of secrets

Look at me and speak the truth
I have many friends who are here
Here to listen to what you say
Here to witness the events of today

Hold my hand and rest your shoulder
Feel my cold friend beneath us
Warm with me, my friend won’t mind
It’s making him comfortably colder

Run your fingers along the cracks
Track the dirt and rubble with hands
Listen to what the concrete says
Listen to the history it has seen

All the people who have passed
All the people made of glass
Shallow puddles and hard rain
The blocks have seen everything

Hold my hand and rest your shoulder
Run your fingers along the cracks
Listen to what the concrete says
The blocks have seen everything