Heartless Marketers

Right, right, Write on your cardboard slats In wind and rain to tell The tales of all your pain Dive through intersections Where traffic can’t help but Inspect your woes on display Markers on posters pointed to Each oncoming lane, asking for Empathy and spare change Every one of you holds A degree in marketingContinue reading “Heartless Marketers”

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Wipeout – Journal 3/26/18

Today’s planned Monarch run around Puyallup had to be cancelled thanks to the weather. I upgraded all my firmware for it yesterday, but woke up to the dread of rain. The motors on the DJI Phantom 3 Professional are exposed to the air by their vents, rather intuitively, but that also means that flying themContinue reading “Wipeout – Journal 3/26/18”

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Trickle Down Philanthropics

“Give to us, so we can Give to them” Is what they say With eyes fixed on Their target “We can help like No one else can” Always able to step Up and be so heroic To those struggling “We’re rich in heart Let us make others so” But it isn’t so, Is it? NeverContinue reading “Trickle Down Philanthropics”

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